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Recently, my three-year-old daughter started sleepwalking. I’ve found this both fascinating and scary. A three-year-old sleepwalking?

When I first discovered her traipsing around, it was when she stumbled into the living room and walked around for a few moments without ever acknowledging my presence. She just walked and walked.

I slowly guided her back to her bedroom and eased her into bed.

The living room sleepwalking occurred again in the same manner.

I usually sit up for a while after my husband and daughter have gone to bed, either writing or enjoying the quiet and time to myself. So luckily, I’ve been awake for her little adventures.

The most humorous of the sleepwalkings was when I found her in the bathroom a few nights ago walking in circles and screaming something about zebra cakes. And while Little Debbie’s Zebra Cakes are most certainly sleepwalking and scream worthy, it was still a little creepy.

Until I found her doing it, I had never fathomed the idea that a small child would sleep walk. It just hadn’t crossed my mind. I know that sounds crazy, and perhaps even stupid, but it had just never occurred to me that I might have to deal with a sleepwalker who is only three feet tall.

Of course, I began researching. In all situations, but particularly in those that arise as a parent, it is my first reaction to begin researching things that are unfamiliar. A sleepwalking toddler certainly qualifies unfamiliar, and so, I have spent days looking up things.

If you’re curious, a lot of the findings showed that in some cases sleepwalking has seemed to be a genetic or inherited factor. I can handle the sleepwalking. But I hope Allie doesn’t start peeing on everything.

Additionally, I found that lots of children often sleep walk, but usually outgrow the problem by fifteen. Fifteen? That would be twelve more years of this stuff. Hopefully, this was just a short little affair with sleepwalking. If you’re curious, a person qualifies as a severe sleepwalker if they do it more than once per week.

All I have to say is, please let this go away. It makes me nauseous thinking about it. Yes, I know it isn’t the end of the world. But what if she sleep walks down the stairs? Or finds her way outside? Or runs into something and knocks herself out? Or gives me an anxiety attack with all of this worrying?

Since I first discovered it, I reinstalled the baby gates and close them while she is sleeping. Have you ever had any experience with your children sleepwalking?