Snapping Back with Online Education!

by admin

Snapping Back with Online Education!

Whoever said going back to college while working full-time, being a devoted mom, and carrying on other responsibilities was easy flat out lied! In today’s competitive market, a college education is worth its weight in gold, however it does not come easily. Be prepared to endure long days of falling asleep at the computer (as I have, when I choose to go at the online education), keeping up with school work (yours as well as your kids), and maintaining suitable work so that others will want you on their “team”. . . Yes, many of the online environments of education insist that you work in groups with diverse individuals. Through its many challenges, earning my degree in the online environment has allowed me the opportunity to currently complete my Masters degree, and finish my Bachelors. Had it not been for this type of education, I would still be wondering aimlessly around in the dark, still making imaginary checks on my “to-do” list where education is concerned. Despite the bad rap that online colleges received many years ago, they are now on almost every TOP NOTCH colleges list of academic enhancements. The work for an education earned via the net is not easy, and at some points it is darn near challenging, but seeing your name typed in on your diploma will leave you with the biggest feeling of accomplishment! Some Pointers for those thinking of the online educational environment:

  • Make sure your college of interest is accredited.
  • Make sure the online educational environment is for you.
  • Make sure you devote a specified amount of time to studying, reading, and taking notes (critical)
  • Make sure you invest in a reliable, up to date computer system, with a great ISP (Internet service provider).
  • Be sure to realize that skills such as public speaking must be practiced in order to be mastered. Although many online institutions require Power Point presentations, they are no substitute for knowing how to deal with and talk to your target audience live!

Well, I hope my pointers help you out with your decision to go back to college via the net. I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be without my college degree. Bon voyage, and happy camping to you!!