A Snippet of the Mind of Boys

by admin

A Snippet of the Mind of Boys

Y’all know I have four sons. And if any of you out there have any sons, you have a pretty good idea what a snippet of a boy’s mind might look like. I got a dose of it the other day that just made me shake my head and throw up my arms.

I thought to myself, “How do they come up with this stuff?” It truly is amazing. We were in church, of all places, when this most recent boyish act occurred. The third son grabbed himself a SoBe drink before the service and sipped on it throughout the beginning of the service. Harmless? For the most part. I am not too thrilled with drinking while in church, but both hubby and I have finished tea or coffee on occasion. So, I said nothing.

He finished the drink early on. Good, I thought, and paid no more attention. Later, though, my “mom radar” sensed a “disturbance in the force.” I joke. I caught out of the corner of my eye some commotion going on the midst of the lined up testosterone in chairs. It was being well controlled for the most part, but I sensed it nonetheless.

Low and behold, the second and third sons were antagonizing one another subtly now and then. I know. Shocker! And you thought I had them all so well trained by this age! Ha! I couldn’t quite figure out what was happening, but I snapped my fingers in their direction and the activity stopped for another good twenty minutes. It resurfaced though after that.

Using my amazing power of observation I kept up surveillance a bit longer this time to find the source so it could be removed. Obviously, it held too much temptation for them.

If I gave you 1,000,000 guesses you would never in 1,000,000 years figure it out. They weren’t poking. They weren’t pinching. They weren’t writing on each other. They had a small device that baffled me and seemed to be running it up and down each other’s legs. ALL wrong behavior while in church. But when I discovered just exactly what the object was I was, well, flabbergasted!

They had pulled off the labels from the SoBe and rolled it with sticky side out into a small plastic rolling pin device and would run it along each other’s hairy legs when least expected, ripping out the hairs as it went! Please don’t tell me they get points for creativity. I held out my hand and the device was placed in my hands and a sheepish, “I’m sorry” like smile crossed their faces.

In these moments you have a few choices. You can laugh. You can cry. You can get angry or flustered or frustrated. I chose to quietly giggle to myself and once again be amazed at the lengths men will go to tease and annoy their brothers and comrades. I mean, really! How does one arrive at such a mind set to even think of such a thing?

Then it happened. It was so quick and swift I had no time at all to realize that the transformation was taking place. Before I knew what I was doing, in response to hubby’s questioning glance that said, “What’s going on?” I rolled the plastic thing down his calf and ripped out his leg hairs! LOL! Yep. I did. I still can’t believe I did it! He quickly grabbed his leg then stifled his laughter. He wasn’t mad. He was amused! He was intrigued.

We stood right then for the final song, thankfully, before it all disintegrated. Upon questioning my sons when we returned to the van I realized they’d actually heard and received the message more than it would appear they should have that day. But when I told them I did it too—to daddy—well, I got mommy points right there!

Somehow, along the way I have had so many snippets from the mind of boys that I’ve … I’ve … is it possible—do I actually engage in boy-like behavior? Well, put enough snippets together and the picture is completed. I am what I am—a mother trying to survive life with five men and more snippets of their mindset apparently than I can handle!