So You Think You’re in Charge of your Body?

by admin

So You Think You’re in Charge of your Body?

I used to think I knew what I wanted in life. Each of us has that plan we made. How many kids to have, the house, the job, etc. I always said I would never have my tubes tied because I didn’t ever want to have another baby and not be able to. That was until my fourth one came along.

I decided after Sari was born that my body couldn’t handle going through another pregnancy. I was over-thirty had suffered through gestational diabetes twice now, developed high blood pressure during pregnancy and was having some gallbladder issues. Needless to say all of those issues went away once the pregnancy was over, but I still had my tubes tied. That was almost three years ago.

Since that time, I have high blood pressure that doesn’t go away, graduated from college, a new husband and all the joys of being a working mom. I thought life was pretty good. My youngest is ready to potty train and my closets have been cleaned of all baby stuff and maternity clothes. I was looking at starting to get back in shape and get my blood pressure under control, while getting a new schedule worked out with my family since I was now out of school.

Someone else was in charge though. Here I was thinking I was getting life under control and things were going great. Then I got a killer sinus infection and was out of work for a week. I know you’re thinking, “A sinus infection was your downfall?” No, that is just where it all began.

Needless to say I got over the sinus infection only to have a weekend of hanging out with my toilet way too much. We had become best friends. “Oh God I was thinking, we haven’t been this close in a little over three years now.” This can’t be happening. But it all made sense. I had been trying to lose weight and was watching my calories carefully, yet the scales weren’t moving and my pants were getting tight. You guessed it; I am pregnant.

Shock and awe were the least of my worries as the toilet and I became so close I wondered if I would ever leave the bathroom again. Needless to say, due to my age, blood pressure, pregnancy after a tubal ligation, high risk of developing gestational diabetes yet again … I am a high risk pregnancy. With a rush into the OB’s office, we discover that we have a regular pregnancy, which calmed the risk of having an ectopic pregnancy. Now we are off to regular visits.

Oh wait, no there was the next week where I had pain in my side that I couldn’t explain. So I was off to the OB yet again to reassure everyone and myself (ok myself) that all was ok. And the verdict was … pain from scar tissue from my tubal ligation. Who knew? Well now I do. And don’t forget in the meantime I was having those pains again in my gallbladder area and to think I am only twelve weeks at this point. My OB who is shocked that I still have my gallbladder after my last pregnancy (oh I think I forgot to mention I did change OBs after I found out I was pregnant after having a tubal ligation gone bad) sends me off to see the surgeon.
 “SURGEON! But you’re pregnant,” everyone says. Well geez, you would think I knew this by now. Yes I had my visit with my surgeon this week after having yet another ultrasound, but of my organs this time. At fourteen weeks I have been scheduled for gallbladder surgery next week. I will be fifteen weeks at the time of my surgery.

My surgeon has assured me he does not like the idea of operating on a pregnant woman. However, if I wait this out again until the baby is born I can run the risk of having my bile ducts clogged and infection to set in. Which would require me to have immediate surgery no matter that stage I am in my pregnancy. He informs me he would not do surgery during the first trimester as the baby is developing at that stage. During my third trimester the baby is so big, that the risk is greater. So if I were to have this surgery my second trimester is the perfect time, as the baby is developed and now working on growing. Since I have just entered my second trimester the timing is perfect. So off we go next week …

And here I thought I was in charge of my body … yeah right!