Social Networking for Parents of Twins

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Social Networking for Parents of Twins

I love the internet. As a work-at-home mother of four young children (two of which are twins), the internet provides that vital connection to the outside world I wouldn’t otherwise have. At least not on nearly as grand a scale. I can shop, research, communicate, create, and otherwise entertain myself without having to leave the house. A plus when you have three children under the age of six, one infant, and a husband who is gone all day at work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a recluse and I do, indeed, get out with my children. Two of them are in preschool and one in kindergarten. But, our daily routine does not include picturesque trips to the park and a full calendar of play-dates. Most of our family outings and play occur on the weekends when I have the added benefit of my husband’s capable hands.

It’s those busy, frenzied weekdays when I’m on my own that the internet makes me feel like I actually have a social life. Makes me feel less stressed about finding time to shop for birthday gifts and such. Makes me feel like I’m up-to-date on worldly events. And mostly, makes me feel less alone when I can’t find the time to be with actual, flesh-and-blood friends. 

Now, the My Twin Pregnancy and Beyond network that I created has become a major social hub for hundreds of parents with twins as well as several who are expecting them. We talk about all manner of subjects from pregnancy to parenting and everything in-between. We congratulate each other on another healthy twin birth and support each other when challenged with unique parenting situations. It’s a refuge for me when I need someone to talk to, as well as a resource when I find myself questioning my ability to parent twins. Bottom line, it lends comfort and even sanity to one busy mom. Hopefully, it does the same for others!

Which brings me to the heart of this article. Social networking on the web. Or more specifically, social networking for parents of twins. It seems everyone belongs to a network these days. While platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the forerunners, there are several niche related communities found all over the internet. From wine connoisseurs to doll makers, there’s a social network for everyone. So, it should come as no surprise that I started one myself just for parents who have or are expecting twins. Being that my main line of work is nestled into the “twin” niche, it seemed natural to add this much needed dimension. It allows parents from around the world the ability to connect with and support each other, swap stories, share photos, give advice, etc. And, they all have one thing in common, twins! 

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