The Soft Voice of Experience

by admin

The Soft Voice of Experience

A decade ago I began a journey of love with the aging adults, otherwise known as the senior population. The patience, understanding, and experience of these people who had lived full lives with kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids; with careers, wealth, and bounty. These adults who often created all these beings in love are now finding themselves under the scrutiny of a less compassionate generation. The generation so busy trying not to repeat the mistakes of their parents, they don’t see the value in their continuing existence. The generation that emphatically recognizes a nursing home as a poor alternative to staying in their life long home before their final journey to eternity. 

Yet how can you teach a younger generation to recognize the value of living “just for today?” 

That doing for yourself is important at two and at eighty-two. 

That you wish your body could maneuver today like it did yesterday, but somehow that’s not possible.

That being recognized “just as you are” and living a purpose-filled life began long before a book was ever written about it. 

That honoring the past and recognizing the future allow you to embrace the present. 

That living through The Great Depression, actually having a true American Indian’s as neighbor, or the fact that the introduction of everyday “givens” like a car and the telephone happened in their lifetime … let alone the ability to comprehend how the computer can send them photos of younger generations they may not meet face-to-face but can see via technology like the internet, photographs and webcams. 

Everyday IS a day worth living. Everyday IS a gift worth exploring. EVERY DAY IS TODAY.