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Someday You Will Understand

It's summer vacation and your friends are traveling the USA doing things you dream about.
You point out how many kids your age have cell phone or iPods.
You ask me daily, why I am so tired? Why can't we go here or there?
Someday you will understand!

I work a lot of hours to provide the shelter you enjoy. The food you like us to make together.
I provide the gas and mileage for you to go to school, to see your best friend and have overnights of fun.
I don't get you a cell phone because I want that to be your responsibility; it will truly mean more if you pay for it.
I am tired because I am trying to make sure we have all we NEED. Notice I said NEED not want?

Someday you will understand!
Someday you will be the mom, trying to figure things out, and praying for guidance and wisdom in all her decisions.
You will provide and cook the food you worked to buy, live in the house you work to rent or buy.
You will drive a car that you will be making payments on and realize every mile costs money!
Someday you will understand!

Be thankful I love you, I don't abuse you or hurt you. I don't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do. (Except kill bees and spiders.)
I pray for you every day and night for your safety, for wisdom at school to make the right choices.
I try to make sure we have fun and laugh a lot and get silly, laughter is so good for us all!
I try to include you in all the important details of our lives so you can learn.
Someday you will understand!

Until this BIG Understanding day comes, just know that I love you with all my heart and soul.
There is always a good reason behind my decisions, please trust me on this.
Someday you will understand!

Written by: Jeanie Houchin
September 17, 2011
Dedicated to: Olivia Rose Houchin

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