Someone Wake Me Up!

by admin

Someone Wake Me Up!

Stumbling out of the bed it’s five thirty.
One eye open, one eye closed.
making my way to the kids rooms.
Ouch! Another action figure, I swear.
I’ve had it. Ok, you two arise and shine.

It’s too early. I haven’t had enough sleep.
How many more days until Friday? Four
more I keep telling myself. Oh my goodness
Why are you crying? You can’t find your what?

Mommy! Mommy! Michael looking at me. In my
subcounsious mind. Who cares? He’s looking at
me too.

Mommy, mommy. I can’t find my sneakers.
Over there honey. Mommy can you help me
put them on? I really don’t want too. But why
not anyway. Momma! Did you see what she did to me?
I really don’t care, as long as you’re not bleeding.

I don’t want to wear the red one. I want the blue one.
momma. She cries too much. Michael, you just jealous.
Isn’t he, mommy?

Oh my goodness. Is it seven o’clock yet?
Mommy, ouch! Please don’t comb my hair.
It hurts. ouch! Cry baby. Cry baby. Nothing
but a cry baby. Will you please leave her alone?

Can I please have some cereal? I want corn flakes.
I want rice krispies. I want a vacation.
Finally seven o’clock. I made it. It’s only Monday.
Dropping them off to school. I love you Mommy,
kiss, kiss. have a good day. OK mommy.
Thank you, Jesus! They are gone. Hallelujah
I’m going home get in the bed if I over sleep.
Someone wake me up!