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My brothers and his friends discovered I was scared of spiders, including fake spiders, while growing up. They would put the fake spiders out and scare me for a week or so till I became unfazed of the fake spiders. Then they got those fake realistic spiders with ooze and put them out to scare me again. After a few weeks I became unfazed, again. If that was not enough, you won’t believe what they did next … caught real spiders and put them in places that they knew where I’d go … like on the toilet. A month later, I became unafraid of spiders due to their silly antics. Now that one of my brothers was killed in action, I look back and I remember the great times we had … even something like this, where it was great for them but ticked me off. Then again, we are siblings, we are supposed to fight and do stupid stuff like this to each other.

In Loving Memory

CPL Kory
SGT Cooper