Spoil the Grandkids

by admin

Spoil the Grandkids

Ten years from now, I hope to be enjoying my grandchildren, if blessed with such a precious gift! I have heard that spoiling grandchildren is one of the most enjoyable things to experience during the golden years of our lives! I am looking forward to passing on the torch of child rearing to my twenty-two-year-old son and to my twelve-year-old daughter.

I am curious as to how my offspring’s parenting techniques will differ from my own. As I was growing up, I swore to my stern mother that I would handle things differently when it came time to rear my children. I honestly do not know when it happened, but I unfortunately and undoubtedly became the wicked witch that every child loves to hate, just as my mom was!

My hubby, like most dads, spent much of our children’s young lives trying to be a good provider for all of us; therefore, it forced me into the position of becoming the authoritarian, bad guy, bad cop, while he was their best friend, good cop, due to his feelings of guilt from always being gone. He came out smelling like a rose, while both my kids seemed to hate my guts! Understandably, someone had to take on the responsibility of being the adult and raising the children to grow up with good morals and values. I am tired of portraying the bad guy; therefore, I plan to spoil my grandkids when the time comes, while my children are forced into the position of portraying the bad guys, which simply put means, becoming parents!