Squashing the Remnants of My Youthful Ego

by admin

Squashing the Remnants of My Youthful Ego

I’ve been working out for a few weeks and have written off Cokes for Jesus (I figured if I could survive, excuse me if we could survive, a month of me not drinking my usual wine in January unscathed than surely soft drinks for Lent would be a no brainer). And although I have not lost much weight I can now see definition in my waistline, OH HAPPY DAY.

Last night I was flitting around the kitchen in workout shorts and a sweatshirt feelin’ all good and fit and the hubby said, “Girls, aren’t you proud of mommy for working out?”

Feeling cocky, I lifted up my shirt and did the whole exaggerated stomach suck-in thing. (What? You never do that?)

Miss C yelled out “Mommy IS PREGNANT!”

Then Miss A went on a “Mommy is preg-a-nent” teasing kick, and followed it up with a question only a four-year-old could ask. “Wouldn’t it be funny if mommy had a baby dog and a baby cat in her tummy?”

Yeah, thanks girls. Real funny.

Oh and I am SO not preg-a-nent.

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