Starting a Neighborhood Playgroup

by The Go-To Mom

Starting a Neighborhood Playgroup

Ever hear the term, “it takes a village”? Well, it takes a village, a city, and neighbors from your left, your right, and from across the street. Have dreams of running an organized and hot-to-trot playgroup?


Child-rearing today can be more challenging because parents are opting to have children later in life and have less energy, resources, and experience. Families take months off from work to care for their new baby, and usually one parent chooses to return back to work full time while the other stays home.


So can one family or one parent really do it all? Can one person possibly meet all the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, lingual, spiritual, and cultural needs of their growing young children? Involvement in regular playgroup just may be the answer.


The most successful playgroups are lead by organized, friendly, diplomatic individuals.


Getting Started:


  • Create a fun name for your groups
  • Make a newsletter or flyers
  • Pick a location like the local park or your backyard
  • Solicit families you see strolling
  • Create an online email roster
  • Encourage families to host groups at the home
  • Vote for a new group president
  • Have fun and enjoy getting to know neighbors


I started a playgroup when my first baby was one year old. After four years, it grew into a local community group of over sixty families. The group is still going strong and I am so thankful that we have other families to lean on in times of need and support. Plus it’s super fun!


Starting your own playgroup may feel overwhelming at first, but the benefits are well worth it.


By Kimberley Clayton Blaine is a national parenting expert and a licensed Family and Child Therapist