Starting Simple Family Traditions

by admin

Starting Simple Family Traditions

Looking for a few new traditions to bring your family closer together this year?

Often the simplest of traditions are the ones that mean the most.

Here are ten simple ideas you might be able to implement this year.

1. Make your own personal pizzas on Friday nights.

2. Declare Sundays as “breakfast for dinner” nights.

3. Use special dinner dishes and a crown to celebrate achievements.

4. Sing a silly song to wake everyone up in the morning.

5. Play old-fashioned board games and pop popcorn on Saturday nights.

6. Let each member of the family have a turn as “person of the week.”

7. Read a book together after dinner.

8. Hold family meetings once a month to plan the month ahead.

9. Let each member of the family share one goal for the day while eating breakfast.

10. Hug your kids before sending them off to school and make them hug you back.

Originally published on The Inspired Room