Stealing Children

by admin

Stealing Children

Society has always treated children as a commodity. In Ireland, the Catholic Priests told young pregnant single women it was best if they “fostered” their children to British families. They were told they could get them back. These children were sent to Australia where they were abused by the Christian Brothers and told their parents were dead.

It goes on and on. Children sold to the highest bidder. We “say” the trafficking of children is illegal but yet we allow children to be adopted from foreign countries even while they have parents. Parents that are unable to support their children make the ultimate sacrifice by signing their children over to the highest bidders. Unscrupulous adoption agencies being the money makers. The children come to the United States, they lose their culture, their language, and sometimes their faith.
I can’t help wondering if this isn’t a form of slavery? The buying and selling of humans. You will say these children are brought here not to be slaves, but aren’t they slaves to those parents who parade them around in society to make the parent appear as selfless pious Christians? Strike, strike, strike, strike, strike, strike, strike.

I am sure some of you feel they should be grateful for all the advantages we can offer them … IPods and cell phones. And doesn’t it make us look like wonderful Christians … we are “saving” the under privileged “have nots”.

Now in my Christian world the true “Christian” would help those parents become self-sufficient and able to raise their own children. Poverty shouldn’t be a reason to give your children over to someone with better financial resources.

I do believe some children should be removed from their parents custody, in cases of child abuse.

If you want children and are unable to conceive, look at children in your “own back yard” instead of going to third world countries to steal/buy their children. If it takes too long to adopt children in the United States get the laws changed.

But somehow I don’t believe the parents seeking children from poverty stricken countries have altruistic motives. I think if you looked in their souls you would find the need to appear like saviors. They want society to stoke and pet them to fulfill a need they have. I wonder what Jesus would say.

Understand I am not against adoption. I was adopted at four months of age from a women who didn’t have the emotional where with all to raise a fourth child. I get that. And I do believe some children should be removed from their parents custody, in cases of child abuse.

My point is, while we campaign to shop locally, buy USA, shouldn’t we also say adopt in the USA as well?