Stinky’s Funny Scent

by admin

Stinky’s Funny Scent

Stinky the stinkbug finds a shiny strawberry.

“I wish I could share this berry,” Stinky sighs. “But last week Bumpy the caterpillar said he didn’t like my funny scent.”

Stinky sees Lily the Ladybug sitting on a daisy.

“Maybe she’ll share my berry.”

Stinky lands beside Lily.

“Want to share my berry, Lily?” he asks.

“Sure! Mmmm. It’s sweet!”

Stinky is so happy that his funny scent leaks out.

Lily coughs and covers her nose.

“Ugh! What’s that smell?”

“It’s me,” Stinky says. “I’m sorry, Lily.”

“Go away, Stinky! I’m not hungry any more.”

Stinky feels sad.

“It’s no fun being lonely,” he says.

He sees Fleet the Fly playing kick the seed with Macy the Mantis.

“I can’t share my berry, but maybe I can join the game.”

Macy kicks a grass seed high into the air.

“I’ll get it!” Stinky cries.

He bounces the seed, scoring a goal. He’s so happy that his funny scent leaks out.

“Ugh! What’s that smell?” Fleet and Macy ask.

“It’s me,” Stinky says. “I’m sorry. I thought I could play without letting my scent out.”

“You’re a good player, Stinky,” Macy says. “But—”

“Your scent makes my eyes water,” Fleet adds.

“I’ll just watch,” Stinky says.

As Stinky watches Fleet and Macy play, he sees a large, striped hornet fly toward Macy and Fleet.

“Run, Fleet! Run, Macy!” Stinky cries. “It’s Buzzer the Hornet. She looks mad!”

Fleet flies away, but Macy trips.

“You’re too close to my nest!” Buzzer warns.

She aims her sharp stinger at Macy.

Stinky points his shell at Buzzer. A stinky smell covers the hornet.

“Yuck!” Buzzer cries.

She rubs her face, then flies back to her nest.

“Wow!” Macy cries. “Your funny scent saved me!”

“What a good tool!” Fleet adds.

“Can I play now?” Stinky asks.

“Sure! Macy and Fleet cry. “We think your scent is great!”