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Stolen lives, A father's ultimate betrayal, part 2

Hello to all my fellow readers years ago I had written a story called stolen lives and in it I talk about how deeply wounded I felt and just how much betrayed that I felt due to what my biological father had done to me, and one cannot imagine just how damaging this feeling of betrayal unless that person expierences similar, but God forbid anyone going through that themselves. Now onto my story, As I struggle to come up with some detail of my life I am constantly reminded of the depp emotional pain that I feel every hour of the day/night, and I still cannot believe that this is real because I feel as though this is just a nightmare and that I shall wake up soon and I wake up back in my home state and in my own bed and in my own room and my window will be on the right side of me and my closet door will be on the left, but each time that I awake a constant awareness and deep sadness come over me but not one of depression but of a wounded and broken heart because you see by nature I am a very out-going and happy young individual and one who enjoys life and is very thankful to have been born and so I have learned that the gift of life should never ever be taken for granted cherish it every moment..But there are those that no matter how old their children get there are those who still think that they have the right to control their children's lives and no matter how many times the grown children try and try to prove themselves to their parents that it's time to let go and to allow your mature grown adult child to spread their wings and fly. All that I'm saying is please do not judge me until you have been able to walk in my shoes. Each one of us carries our own story from the time we are born til the very last breath we breathe each of us have a story to tell. My father will never understand what he has done to me the emotional and verbal abuse that he inflicts on me everyday whether I am around him or not and the strangers that he has brought unwelcomed into my life and now he has become a stranger to me and now I have seen his true colors. But again I ask do not think that I am feeling sorry for myself because I assure you I am not, I just wanted to share my story with anyone that wanted to listen but a story that another can learn from in some way and I guess I chose to share the second part of stolen lives, to just encourage people everywhere to never allow anyone whether it be a parent or friend etc to never allow anyone to steal your hopes and dreams and thus to break your spirit, and as I said in my first story never give up and if anyone is hurting you in some way you have the right to defend your character etc and defend what you believe in and I'm just saying just don't ever let anyone tell you that your not good enough because though none of us is perfect we are all beautiful and that we do have the right to live just like anyone who may be putting you down or saying whether in action, or word that we have no rights because all of us have rights, and we all have the right to defend our rights. we are who we choose to be. because we are all champions whether anyone wants to believe in us or not and if they don't then just walk away from them because they want to hurt you whether physical or emotional and you deserve better than that. thank you.

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