Stories, Poems, and Inspirational Prayers for Women

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Stories, Poems, and Inspirational Prayers for Women

She is my age, exactly. Karen’s birthday is three days before mine, same year. We were in high school together 1970-1974. It was a time of change; girls were allowed to wear pants to school. For the first time, our leg coverage of choice expanded beyond nylons and a garter belt, or knee socks. Karen was like me; when the dress code eased up, she didn’t go full-out hippie, yet she “dirtied-up” the preppie look. Back then, it seemed like everyone went to University of Illinois—smart or not. Karen and I ended up as suite mates at IT (Illini Towers) in Champaign. I dropped out, she went on to Northwestern Law School, and landed a job at Winston-Strawn.

When you have a serious profession, like law, and you’re a woman, you’re more likely to get married a little later in life. I have no data to back that up, just my observations. And more of my gut research—female attorneys don’t usually return to work when the second kid comes. Over-achievers in school tend to be career over-achievers, and finally mommy over-achievers. That pretty much sums up Karen: top student, successful lawyer, perfect mom. And now, the mommy-track is ending for her. Her last kid is starting college, visits between semesters, and travel will become less frequent— what’s next?

Yes, we have an empty nest
They tell us this is the best
It is so quiet in our house
Sometimes as quiet as a mouse
We are very proud of our boys
No more buying all those toys
Yes, we have the best of the best
Especially when they visit this empty nest

“Empty Nest” by Judy L. Wade
Copyright 2009


Change is Coming

I feel like I have fallen
and I can’t get up.
Source of my strength, lift me.
Change is coming.

My dreams and visions are shattered.
Source of my strength,
put it all back together.
Change is coming.

Everything I think is right,
is turned upside down.
Source of my strength,
fix the wrongs.
Change is coming.

Source of my strength,
I need You now.
Change is coming.