Stretch Marks with Twin Pregnancy: Are They Inevitable?

by Twin Pregnancy and Beyond

Stretch Marks with Twin Pregnancy: Are They Inevitable?

Stretch marks and twin pregnancy sort of go hand in hand, especially if you make it to full term with two babies! It’s just a matter of how bad yours will get. If you are one of the lucky few (and you are indeed lucky) who will not have to suffer from unattractive stretch marks, then you probably don’t need to read through this particular article. Otherwise, here is some helpful info on causes, treatment, and possible prevention.

Stretch marks are caused by rapid stretching of the skin due to pregnancy. They crop up in the dermis, that elastic middle layer of skin that lets it retain its shape. When the dermis breaks down due to this constant stretching, stretch marks are the result. Hereditary factors, as well as ethnicity (women with more melanin in their skin are less prone) will also play a role in the severity of stretch marks. Although, they generally become a bit less prominent in the months after birth, many mothers of twins are still bothered by their appearance and want to know what can be done to remove them or what can be done to prevent them.

Long-established studies have always stated that stretch marks are permanent and can not be prevented. But new studies that are starting to debate that theory are creating a bit of a buzz. Laser therapy is one of the newest options for improving the look of stretch marks and seems to be gaining popularity. It may be expensive, but the results are unbeatable. Just take a look at this video.


The other option, and a much less expensive one, is the use of special creams and lotions. Cocoa butter and vitamin E oil have always been favorites, but have never really produced any ground breaking results. Many dermatologists recommend drinking lots of water, exercise, and the use of a good moisturizing cream during twin pregnancy to help retain the skin’s elasticity and possibly reduce the occurrence of stretch marks. And now there are companies coming out with more advanced formulas to help diminish the look of stretch marks. Using high-tech words like “cell-regeneration technology” and costing upwards of fifty bucks a bottle, they promise to minimize visibility and texture.


Either way you go about it, there seems to be comfort in the fact that remedies are improving for those of us looking for a treatment. And, if nothing else, we can wear our stretch marks as a badge of honor. After all, not everyone will carry twins! 


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