Strongest Person I Will Ever Know

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Strongest Person I Will Ever Know

In 1999 my life changed; I would never change the past or my son. He was born with severe cerebral palsy. I was looking and at this baby boy that looked perfect there was no way this was right. So you do everything; you’re in total denial there is no way, this happens to other people not me. This is me, I will have the perfect family: three children and a house with a picked fence. But it was not like the Chandler showed me how deep a love can go.

We got divorced, he could not deal with have a child with special needs and I learned at the hospital that the divorced rate was about 95 percent. I thought it would be all men that left but I learned that it was half and half, I met so many wonderful men and women that where such loving single parents. We all most lived at the hospital every two weeks we where there. Think the Lord for my mother she took care of my girls why I took care of Chandler. The doctors told me Chandler would only live a year or two max; I was blessed with eight years with the strongest person I will ever know.

Chandler first would not sleep for the year of his life, let me tell you all day and night with out sleep will make you look so pretty. Well I got him a swing and then he would sleep two hour at a time, well I did not know he was starving so they told me to thicken is food that work for a bit then we put a G-button in and life was such a change. 

So that worked for a little bit so then we had to get a track and the food was still going in his lungs. So this hospital would not do a surgery, so I research and found a doctor that would do. So here we come to Dallas and Chandler had a surgery where they separated in your trout where food can go to your somatic and lungs it was successful. 

That is how he stayed well, at the end the seizures got him, I woke up at seven am and he was gone. I sleep with him in that hospital bed with him and every other time he could just move and woke that night I never heard a thing, so in my heart he went in peace. 

What do I do with my self now; I’m not fighting for Chandler and getting the best doctors for him. That leaves me at how I’m I?