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10 Adorable DIY Ornaments For A Kick-Ass Christmas Tree

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10 Adorable DIY Ornaments For A Kick-Ass Christmas Tree

Whether you prefer a fake tree or a real one, having a holiday pine in your home is the perfect way to celebrate the Christmas season. Decorate it with love this year with these 10 homemade ornament ideas.


Emoji Ornaments



Bring your holiday tree into the 21st century with these super-cute emoji ornaments by Who Said Nothing in Life Is Free. There are lots of festive emoji DIYs, but this one is definitely the sparkliest. However, it does leave out one very important emoji: the smiling poop. Good thing Rachel Miller has you covered.


Modeling Clay Ornaments



These simple white, modeling clay ornaments are perfect for a more classic Christmas tree. Plus, the decorating options are endless. Keep them clean and white as shown here, add texture with a bit of pine like Ukkonooa did, or even paint them after they cool! Keep scrolling, English instructions are at the bottom of the page.


Borax Icicle Ornaments



If you’re going for a wintery wonderland look, these Borax icicle ornaments by Amanda Katherine are exactly what you need. Not ony do they add a little sparkle to your tree, but they have an old-fashioned elegance that makes for a gorgeous winter tree. Best of all, they are inexpensive and easy to make.


Gold Leaf Ornaments



Every holiday tree could use a pop of gold! And these gold leaf ornaments by The Sweetest Occasion are as easy to make as they are gorgeous to look at. Simply cover the inside of a glass ornament with a paint color of your choice—we love the range of blues used here—and apply gold leaf to the bottom with a paint brush and a little glue. Don’t want to mess with gold leaf? Glitter is a perfectly good option, too.


Pinecone Ornaments



Bring some of the outdoors into your home with these pretty pinecone ornaments by Make It, Love It. You can purchase pinecones in bulk at many craft stores, but if you want to save money by collecting ‘cones from outside, remember to check for creepy crawlies before bringing them home.


Donut Ornaments



Make sure your tree is anything but traditional this year with a baker’s dozen of these DIY donut ornaments by 365 Designs. While they are definitely not for crafting newbies, they certainly look sweet enough to try. Put your crafting skills to the test and impress your friends with ornaments that look good enough to eat.


Balsa Wood Diamond Ornaments



Go glam with your Christmas decorations this year with an easy diamond DIY like this one from A Beautiful Mess. You can leave the raw Balsa wood finish, top it off with metallic paint, or cover it in loose glitter to achieve a look that is truly your own. Want a less traditional look? Skip the metallic paint and go straight for the bold jewel tones.


Gingerbread Men Ornaments



You can’t eat these little gingerbread men, but you’ll definitely want to. Besides being an adorable and classic addition to your Christmas tree, they will make your home smell decadent and festive! Just follow this recipe by Where Your Treasure Is to complete your vintage-inspired Christmas tree.


Snow Globe Ornaments



Want a more rustic look at Christmas? These baby food jar ornaments are just what the doctor ordered. Like little faux globes all over your tree, this simple DIY project from Simply Ciani will have you thinking back to holidays of you childhood. Plus, they’re inexpensive and easy to make.


Wood Slice Ornaments



If your family likes to spend the holidays in a mountainside cabin—or if you just like the more rugged look—these wood slice ornaments from Mountain Modern Life are exactly what you’re looking for. If the faux-burning process seems like a little too much effort, skip it and draw your own designs in black permanent marker. Who will know the difference?