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10 Adorable Ideas for DIY Holiday Gifts for Your Significant Other

by Jasmine Gordon

10 Adorable Ideas for DIY Holiday Gifts for Your Significant Other

No gift budget? No problem! Check out these 10 adorable ideas for DIY holiday gifts your partner will absolutely adore.


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If your holiday gift buying budget is a little low this year, don’t stress. There’s an abundance of ways you can craft DIY holiday gifts for your significant other, often for less than $10. Even if you’re no Martha Stewart, putting together a cute DIY gift can turn out extraordinarily well. As craft blogger Sally Tamarkin puts it, “The most meaningful gifts are often the ones that cost less money, but take … thought, time, and creativity.” Join us as we count down 10 adorable ideas to show your significant other that you care this holiday season.


1. A Mug of Quotes
Look to meaningful songs, romantic books or movies, and love poetry to compile a list of 25–100 quotations that express just how much you care about your partner. Print out these quotations, and cut them into individual pieces, either folding the resulting quotes or rolling them into scrolls. Dropping the resulting individual love quotations into a mug is one of the sweetest DIY holiday gifts that can be slowly savored for several months.


2. Painted Camera Straps
If your love is a photography buff, painting a custom camera strap can be a romantic and practical gift he or she will be thrilled to use on a daily basis. Simply paint a white or light-colored strap using acrylic fabric paint, and stencils if you choose. Add textures like beads or glitter with fabric glue for a 3-D final effect. We love these geometric designs from Design Love Fest. Her directions are great!


3. DIY Painted Mugs
Cheap mugs can be easily customized using oil-based paint pens. Cover a mug in adorable renditions of emojis for love or your significant other’s favorite things. Once you’ve completed a design on the mug with the oil-based paint pen, simply bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Check out this great post with design ideas and detailed directions.


4. Chalkboard Trays
Chances are, your local dollar store, thrift store, or homewares discount store has a basic wooden tray for a quite affordable price. Painting the tray with chalkboard paint from your local craft store can transform it into a cute, customized gift that also keeps coffee table clutter under control.


5. Custom Quotes Wall Art
Use a stencil to trace letters on an old art print, newsprint, or a page from a magazine. Carefully cut out and attach them to a canvas, using liquid craft glue designed for scrapbooking projects. Frame the resulting print. It’s a brilliant way to immortalize a favorite song lyric or inspirational quote, and it can also improve your partner’s home decor.


6. Homemade Sea Salt Scrub
Everyone gets rough and slightly scaly skin during the winter months! It’s easy to make a homemade salt-and-sugar scrub with 2 cups sea salt, 2 cups white sugar, and 1 cup of olive oil. Add about 30 drops of essential oil, mix well, and place the resulting scrub into a Mason jar for your partner. Checking your local natural body goods or grocery store for essential oils can yield some manly scents if you’re afraid of gifting something that smells too feminine. Teatree oil, eucalyptus, and pine are all good choices for DIY holiday gifts that you’ll love smelling on your partner’s skin. Check out more DIY face scrub recipes here.


7. Hot Chocolate Mix
4 cups sugar, 1 cup of cocoa powder, and 16 ounces of finely chopped chocolate are all it takes to create your own hot chocolate mix. Put it into a cute jar with directions to mix 1/4 cup of the mix with 8 ounces of heated milk anytime your partner needs a sweet treat. For a little more seasonal flair, consider adding 1 cup of marshmallows or crushed candy cane to the mix.


8. Custom Vodka
If your partner is of legal drinking age, homemade vodka infusions are both sweet and thoughtful. Typically, you’ll want to soak about 10 ounces of mix-ins with 1 liter of vodka, and store in the fridge for about a week to completely infuse the beverage. Strain carefully, and gift it in a bottle with instructions to refrigerate for up to three months. Great infusions can include:


  • Pineapple
  • Blueberries
  • Jalapeños
  • Vanilla Beans
  • Ginger
  • Peppercorns


Check out some great vodka infusion recipes on My Baking Addiction.


9. Hand-Painted Ties
Confident artists can easily customize a couple of ties for their partner. Simply using fabric paint and brushes to swirl colors on a light-colored tie can be a practical addition to your partner’s work wardrobe, or go for a crisp, geometric pattern like these ones on Momtastic.


10. Keyboard Messages
Your local secondhand store almost certainly has some retired keyboards from older computers. Pry out some keys, and arrange them on a piece of cardstock to form a customized message, and attach them with sturdy glue. Frame in a deep-set frame for a kitschy and customized piece of artwork.


Your holiday gifts don’t need to cost much at all to make a big impression. Even women with bigger budgets should consider integrating one or more DIY holiday gifts to show they truly care. With one or more of these items among his gifts, your partner will be impressed and thrilled.


Images (l to r): Design Love Fest, Momtastic, Envato Tuts+, My Baking Addiction