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16 Gifts To Give The Fangirl In Your Life

by Alisha Humiston

16 Gifts To Give The Fangirl In Your Life
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Not sure what to get the fangirl in your life? Don’t sweat it, we have you covered with this guide of gifts she doesn’t even know she wants. Gift giving just got easy.




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R2-D2 Car Charger


By far one of the best gifts for Star Wars fans, while also being practical. Get this for the fangirl who always has a dead battery.

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Pokemon Bath Bombs


Gotta catch ’em all! She’s going to love the excuse to take another bath, but more so that there’s a Pokemon in each Pokebomb!

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Lord of the Rings Pillow


Perfect for the frequent napper! This pillow is everything she needs and more, plus the neutral colors are sure to go with every atmosphere.

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Breaking Bad Bath Salts


For the fangirl that has too much on her plate. Encourage her to take more time for herself with this bath salt, and you’re sure to get a laugh too.

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Game of Thrones Glass


Obsessive compulsive Game of Thrones? Get these for the next time you combine wine and TV binging.

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Harry Potter Hand Towel


Enchant those around you with these Harry Potter towels, with so many options you can’t go wrong. They also make a great housewarming gift.

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Shark Slippers


For the friend who lives every week like it’s Shark Week. Warm, cozy and quirky, this gift is all she could ever imagine.

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Star Trek Earrings


Calling all Trekkies! These earrings are simple enough to go unnoticed by those who are uneducated in the realm of Star Trek, but distinct enough to be recognized by comrades. Definitely a great conversation starter.

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Stranger Things Banner


Never forget the most memorable casualty of Stranger Things with this sentimental banner. She will forever go about her days thinking “What would Barb do?” Which could be good or bad, you decide.

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Marvel Shot Glasses


For the Marvel fangirl. These shot glasses include graphics from some of Marvel’s most popular movies, so the only downfall to this gift is when she has to pick which one to use.

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The Office Print


Inspire her inner-Dunder Miflin worker. Bring work home with you with this print of the cubicle layout from The Office.

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Bob Ross Treat Platter


For the optimist in your life. She’ll love using this serving block and you get to eat the treats—everyone wins.

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Parks and Recreation Tee


For the witty fangirl. This basic tee is bound to become her go-to, and every time she puts it on she’ll remember how great your taste is.

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James Bond Clock


For the fangirl that’s always late. She’ll actually want to hang this clock up and admire it, so next time you have plans she might come on time.

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Bob’s Burgers Phone Case


For the clumsy fangirl. This Tina Belcher phone case protects her phone from her next spill while sporting Bob’s Burgers all day.

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Big Bang Theory Pillow


Get this gift to make sure the next person to hangout with you and your fangirl doesn’t make the mistake of stealing spots.