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17 Dorm Room Decor DIYs To Try

Dress up your utilitarian dorm room with a few creative DIY projects that will take your space from ordinary to extraordinary. You'd be surprised what a few non-traditional materials, washi tape, spray paint and a hot glue gun can do to your humble adobe. Check out these 17 dorm room decor projects that are practical and stylish, too!

Magnet Wall Trays

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Take your mom's old cookie sheets and make them into magnetic wall art. This is another great way to organize and decorate your dorm room. Grab a can of spray paint and a few magnets. Get inspired to get crafty by Crate Paper.

Photo: Crate Paper

Washi Tape Door Design

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Make your dorm door the talk of the building with a cool washi tape design. Let your creativity show by switching up the design every month or so. Learn more from Crab & Fish.

Photo: Crab & Fish

Shower Caddy Wall Hanger

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Use a shower caddy as a school supply holder. With such a small area, hanging your items is space-saving and quite convenient. Take a closer peek at this project from BHG.

Photo: BHG

Confetti Wall

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Take your boring dorm room walls from drab to fab with a little construction paper. Who knew it'd be so easy—and inexpensive—to brighten up a white wall. Find tips to make your confetti wall from the creative minds behind Wee Birdy.

Photo: Wee Birdy

Legging Lampshade

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Use an old pair of leggings—solid or printed—to embellish a basic lampshade. Grab some leggings or tights, a pair of scissors and your hot glue gun—you've got a shade to dress. Learn how to create this DIY from Vintage Revivals.

Photo: Vintage Revivals

Lighted Crochet Rug

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Make your rug the centerpieces of your dorm room by adding an LED strand to it. Check out how to crochet this lighted rug at Grosgrain.

Photo: Grosgrain

Makeup Holder

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This DIY is for the beauty maven out there. For under $12 you can create a space to keep your lip products. All you need is a plexiglass sheet, copper tubes, wood plugs and Gorilla Glue. Find the full tutorial from A Hammer & Heels.

Photo: A Hammer & Heels

Washi Tape Gallery Wall

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Showcase your favorite quotes, pictures with friends and other mementos with washi tape frames. Let Design Sponge show you how to create a colorful gallery wall of art.

Photo: Design Sponge

Charging Station

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Who knew a simple ribbon box could organize your life. There's a place for your phone, tablet, computer cords and anything else that needs to be plugged in. Paint it, embellish it and label it. The design is completely up to you. Check it out at All You.

Photo: All You

Brick Bookends

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Keep your schoolbooks propped up and organized with these DIY brick bookends. Pick a spray paint color and trimmings of your choosing. Find the full DIY at Camille Styles.

Photo: Camille Styles

Cardboard Headboard

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Spruce up your boring old bunk bed with a fabric-wrapped, cardboard headboard. First create your shape, then choose a lightweight fabric. Cut out the silhouette, glue on the fabric and voilà! For more helpful tips head over to Stars For Streetlights.

Photo: Stars For Streetlights

Marble Tray

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A simple marble tray like this one is great for displaying jewelry, beauty products or school supplies. Create this simple and chic DIY project for under $25. Find out how make this DIY at A Hammer & Heels.

Photo: A Hammer & Heels

Folding Table

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Save room and money by creating this Lucite folding table inspired by CB2. This table is convenient when a little extra space is needed. When you're finished, fold it up and store it under your bed. Let Brit show you the full tutorial.

Photo: Brit

Paper Flower Wall Art

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Bring a little nature into your room with these paper flowers. Tape them on your wall with washi tape or set them in a mason jar on your desk. Find out how to create these everlasting beauties at Lia Griffith.

Photo: Lia Griffith

Laundry Hamper

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Who knew a simple, printed pillowcase could make dirty clothes look so pretty! To create this easy DIY laundry hamper, head over to Making Nice In The Midwest.

Photo: Making Nice In The Midwest

Jewelry Holder

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Sticks and stones may break bones, but we prefer using sticks to create a beautiful jewelry holder. Totally cool! Head outside to find a few sticks and then click over to I Like Fall for the full tutorial.

Photo: I Like Fall

Folding Chairs

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Give your guest a creative place to sit with these embellished folding chairs. When guests leave, fold them up and store them away. Learn how to create them from Whipper Berry.

Photo: Whipper Berry

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