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3 Budget-Friendly Home Offices for Small Spaces

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3 Budget-Friendly Home Offices for Small Spaces

If you're struggling to find the right pieces for your first home office, we feel your pain. Putting in late hours after the office has closed is a harsh reality of starting your adult life. Small apartments and even tighter budgets are other downfalls of living on your own for the first time. We've put together three sets of starter offices for first-timers looking to get the most of their minimal square-footage.

Under $100:
The most important part of designing a home office in your apartment is finding a compact desk with enough shelving to accomodate a printer and anything else you'll need. And if you're designing your small space on a small budget, it's extra important to think outside of the box. For example: Office chairs are nice, but they're a fairly expensive item that can't be easily repurposed when you make office upgrades later on. Opting for an outdoor folding chair is cheap, and, because they're designed for hours of outdoor sitting, fairly comfortable. Even better, the simple chair can double as extra seating for a party or be moved to the great outdoors as your furniture collection grows. Buying a low-priced cotton slipcover is a simple way to make the inexpensive chair look more luxe, and throwing in a fun desk accessory, like a chalkboard pencil holder, is a cheap way to add personality. 
Under $200:
If you're living in a studio apartment or you're putting your mini-office in your living room, a self-hiding secretary desk is the perfect solution to keep your space sleek. The desk folds up to hide your laptop, and the shelves can hold your printer and double as a bookshelf. Once again, a folding chair is a great option: Easy to repurpose and simple to store when you need space. With a little more room in your budget, you can opt for a cushioned, wood-finish folding chair which will blend easily into your decor. Spice up the look of your bookshelf-turned-desk with some stylish bookends and a cute, compartmentalized pencil holder

Under $300:
Corner desks are a convenient way to optimize under-used space in your apartment's bedroom or living room. A white version is super sleek and has low shelving to support your electronic accessories, stack books, or store other compact items. A director's chair is the epitome of understated style, easy to move and store, and designed for long bouts of sitting. The owl shaped pencil holder from Anthropologie is a cute splurge to add a little decor to your desk, and the graphite document boxes are the perfect size for storing stationary and extra printer paper on the shelving underneath the desk. 

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