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7 Stylish DIY Bedroom Organization Solutions

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7 Stylish DIY Bedroom Organization Solutions

Limited space or short on funds, but still want your space to look super chic? We've got you covered with these bedroom organization DIY projects. We're all about displaying our most prized possessions in the open to show them off. Try these bedroom organization ideas for a pretty boudoir. Staying organized has never looked so good.


Bedroom Organization



The key to having an organized space is to have everything in its place including your snazzy heels and statement necklaces. With these seven DIY projects, we'll teach you the ins and out of bedroom organization in no time at all! 


Animal Jewelry Dish DIY



Display your delicate rings and earrings on this glammed-up animal jewelry holder. Click here for the full tutorial.


Coat Rack DIY



Short on closet space? This DIY coat rack is super affordable and can display your current favorite accessories, such as purses, sweaters, hats, and even long necklaces. Find the full tutorial here.


DIY Gold Jewelry Bowl



This vintage-inspired jewelry dish is a catchall for all your little accessories. Whether it's lip balm, earrings, necklaces, or pocket change, you'll easily find exactly what you're missing in this eye-catching dish. Check out the full tutorial here.


DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Holder



This plaster hand was inspired by vintage hand forms once used to display gloves. Ours can showcase your collection of rings, ranging from midi rings to cocktail rings. You'll never search through drawers again with this DIY project! Click here for the tutorial. 


DIY Sunglass Holder



Keep your favorite sunglasses on display with this DIY sunglass holder. This is also a much safer option than having them tucked in a drawer or perched on a table. Find the full tutorial here.


DIY Necklace Holder



It seems simple enough, just a nail and a hammer, but a gold nail makes it even prettier! Hang nails on the wall in varying heights to showcase (and keep from tangling) your favorite necklaces and sparkly hair accessories. It will remind you of that necklace you might otherwise forget to wear while adding some sparkle to your wall.


DIY Shoe Holder



Why tuck away your shoes in a closet when they can hang on the wall like art! This decorative ledge arrangement is a great way to keep your prized possessions in good condition and visible. Click here for the tutorial.