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7 Tips For Decorating Small Spaces

by admin

7 Tips For Decorating Small Spaces

So you just moved into your first apartment. It’s roughly the size of a shoebox but you still want it to feel like home. Spruce up the space with our advice for decorating small spaces.

Properly decorating small spaces does not mean you have to sacrifice your style. All you must do is make smart design choices and keep it simple. Here are a few tips to create a stylish small space.

Storage is absolutely vital in small spaces, but there is usually not nearly enough. To compensate for a lack of closets, try incorporating chests, boxes or a trunk into your décor. A trunk with a flat top can make an excellent coffee table with room inside for stowed items. Just be sure not to cover your trunk with too many things if you need to access these items regularly.

Shelves, armoires and tall bookcases are great for optimizing vertical spaces. They allow you to build upwards, store small items like books and knickknacks, and use very little floor space. Loose items can even be stored out of sight on shelves inside baskets and boxes.

In a small kitchen or dining area, a banquette is an excellent choice. An upholstered bench along the wall, much like you’d find in a restaurant booth can usually seat more people than chairs would, and many banquettes are designed to include under seat storage. Banquettes can be casual, but with formal fabric you can also have elegant dining room seating.

Exchange bulky furniture for slim pieces. A couch with scrolled arms might take up to two feet of valuable space. Instead, choose a sofa with straight, slim arms and you’ll regain living space. This doesn't mean you should avoid large furniture, just furniture with a bulky silhouette. Also, consider tables with glass tops and thin metal bases. The transparent quality can almost make it seem as though they're not even there.

Accents and Accessories
Well chosen accessories can create your desired effect without taking up too much space. A beautiful piece of art, an interesting vase or a stylish lamp can add some pizazz without overpowering the room. However, be careful to avoid over-accessorizing. While accents provide charm and a personal touch to your space, be mindful not to go overboard. Instead of having a lamp and a decorative sculpture on a table, use a sculptural lamp that will serve both purposes. Mirrors are also a wise choice for small rooms to create the sense depth of expanded space.

Color and Texture
A lot of people tend to keep their color palette neutral when decorating small spaces. If you choose to go this route be sure to use a good amount of texture to add depth to prevent it from looking boring. Texture can come in the form of an oil-painted canvas instead of a framed print, or a blanket knitted with nubby yarn rather than a flat quilt. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to use bold colors. Making a little room look bigger doesn't always have to be the objective. Dark colors and dramatic patterns might not make your space look larger, but they can help in creating a wonderfully spirited space.

Window Coverings
It's a good idea to use streamlined window treatments like roman shades or blinds in a small space. While billowing fabric can be elegant, it tends to overwhelm visual space. If you want your small area look and feel spacious, keep the windows simple and open them whenever possible.