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Anthropologie Home Is Now Available At Nordstrom, And We’re Loving It

by Sidney Burds

Anthropologie Home Is Now Available At Nordstrom, And We’re Loving It
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Who doesn’t love Anthropologie Home? Its creative, eclectic, boho chic goods give any room in your house an instant unique French flea market vibe, and now it’s available for purchase at Nordstrom online and in stores. For the first time ever in the brand’s history, you can purchase Anthropologie home decor items outside of Anthropologie stores. And with Nordstrom perks like free shipping and free returns, same day delivery, and Nordstrom Rewards program, this pairing is a match made in heaven.


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Nordstrom x Anthropologie: Noble Companion Tea Towel


I’ll admit it, I have a towel buying problem, but please tell me how on Earth I’m supposed to pass on this dog themed zodiac beauty? I’m personally a dog lover (but fear not I love cats too) and a sucker for anything that has my Sagittarius astrological sign, so when I came across this Match Made In Heaven tea towel combo the deal was done! I love the color palette, and the canine star-chart illustrations of this piece and that it’s not only functional for drying my hands and wiping up messes, but also looks great on display. —Sidney Burds, Editor

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Nordstrom x Anthropologie: Indira Accent Pillow


I’m not the typical person you’d see shopping at Anthro. Though I love their home goods (I mean, who doesn’t?), I’m not too partial to bold colors and patterns. But this tufted, fringed throw pillow is begging to come home with me. The white and ivory details coordinate effortlessly with my very neutral bedroom, adding the bit of texture my room is definitely lacking. If you look close enough, you can see tiny gold sequins that sold me on this one-of-a-kind accent pillow. —Taylor Borde, Editor

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Nordstrom x Anthropologie: Paiette Apron


I’m one of those ‘chefs’—a term I use very, very lightly—that never *remembers* to look at directions and accidentally over-oils or butters my pan so much that I’m covered in splatters. I have a boring old plain kitchen apron, but I definitely need to update to this precious floral one. Come to think of it, though, I’d rather get the oil stains on my t-shirts than this blossoming apron, so it might just teach me to follow the recipe in the first place.—Caitlin White, Senior Editor

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Nordstrom x Anthropologie: Caption Coaster


As I’ve moved into a new apartment, I’ve gone into overdrive home shopping mode in a quest to make a welcoming space for myself and guests. On this adulting journey, full of furniture purchases, I have also come to realize why my mother used to nag at me to put a coaster under my drink when setting it down. Water marks! I love this coaster from Anthropologie Home because of the light hearted cute message that says, ‘I’m not stuffy like my mom’ but also, ‘Please don’t wreck my mid-century modern coffee table’ without coming off too aggressive. It’s a chic way of keeping your furniture protected while also being cute. —Sidney Burds, Editor

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Nordstrom x Anthropologie: Fringe Monogram Hook


As soon as I saw these fun fringed, monogram hooks, I knew they’d be perfect for me and my two roommates. We don’t have room for an entry table in our three-bedroom apartment, but we do have an empty wall right as you walk in. I can already picture them hung up by our front door with each of our initials, coordinating keys hanging underneath. And they’ll add a little color to our mostly-monochromatic color scheme. Adding three to my cart now! —Taylor Borde, Editor

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Nordstrom x Anthropologie: Mr. Boddington’s Dishtowel


I have a weird thing to admit: I am obsessed with buying fun new dishtowels and tea towels. I have a drawer full of them in my kitchen—and it’s deep. I have ones with animals all dressed up for Christmas, black ones that cheekily say ‘Lettuce Turnip The Beet,’ ones with all the iconic landmarks of my hometown Boston, ones from Harrod’s in London with a little pup that looks like my dog—and now I need this one from Anthropologie. It’s adorned with a fellow redheaded woman doing all the things I love to do: sitting in the sun with an umbrella and a sunhat in favorite jeans drinking rosé. Put a book in her hands and I’d swear it was me. ‘Everything is coming up rosé’ is right.—Caitlin White, Senior Editor

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Nordstrom x Anthropologie: Cassie Byrnes Melbourne Quilt


Nothing makes the inner textile major in me happier than a great print. Sure black and white is safe and goes with everything, but there’s nothing quite like a gorgeous mixture of color and shapes that, when done right, is a work of art. This eye-catching quilt pattern is a gorgeous centerpiece for any bedroom. It’s incredibly unique and an absolute steal at 55 percent off! Leaving plenty of cash leftover to accessorize with new throw pillows. —Sidney Burds, Editor

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Nordstrom x Anthropologie: Catbird Set of 3 Cheese Knives


Anyone who knows me knows I appreciate a good charcuterie board, stacked with decadent cheeses and cured meats and sprinkled with pickles, fruit, and every type of olive. I already own the most adorable marble cheese board, but I’m missing a fancy set of cheese knives. Cue Nordstrom’s latest Anthropologie home collection, which just so happens to have a matching set that has my name all over it. With a mix of wood and white stone, they’re a neutral addition to any kitchen. Just another excuse to stop by my favorite artisan cheese shop. —Taylor Borde, Editor

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Nordstrom x Anthropologie: Balena Spoon Rest


I don’t mean to be dramatic but I might lose it if I don’t get this whale spoon rest, STAT. Do I really need a new, novelty spoon rest? Of course not. But for my wedding a few moons ago, one of my bridesmaids gave me these 100 percent adorable whale-shaped measuring cups from Anthropologie that, frankly, I’ve used more as kitchen decoration props than to actually bake anything, and now I need a matching spoon rest to similarly look at and never use.—Caitlin White, Senior Editor