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Crafting Some Storage

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Crafting Some Storage

If you’re like me, the holidays are now long over, and during the process of decorating, making costumes and other holidays exploits, your stash and workspace is a mess. As I surf the net and gawk at some of the lovely workspaces I’m filled with envy.

So, I thought I’d share with you some of the places I found around the net for ideas on how to sort and organize Craft Supplies. Keep in mind, that I’m a crazy quilter, so my craft needs include embroidery thread, fabric (not in bolts, but in tons of small pieces), sewing supplies, beads, embellishments, fiber, buttons and any other number of materials.

So, here are just a few of the wonderful resources I found on the net:

1.Craftrooms on Flickr. If you want to just ogle and be amazed at beautiful craft rooms, then this is for you. A pool on Flickr to display all of our workspaces and storage solutions

2. Inspiring craft rooms from Tranquility spot: this is a fabulous resource for decorating ideas and just ooing and ahhing. Most of these rooms are simply in my budget and time imagination, but they still might inspire you. One of the rooms are picture above. Ahhhh …

3. Organize has an entire section for craft storage. I thought this was good because you can get an idea from the pictures and start to see ways of arranging all your items.

4.About.com’s Top ten craft supply storage ideas. Some of these seemed fairly obvious, but on the other hand there are some unique suggestions, like being sure to check the toy storage idea for clever craft storage ideas.

5. DIY network has a wonderful article and some excellent ideas (with resources) for organizing and storing all of your craft supplies.

On top of all of this, I save spice jars and when the kids were smaller baby-food jars, they are both wonderful for all sorts of craft storage. I also store my fabric in an old file cabinet. I put all my scraps in baggies, sorted by color, and then organize the drawers by color type. It works great for me!

So, what ideas do you have for storage? I think the more creative the better…after all, we are crafty!

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