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The DIY Blanket Ladder Even a Tool Newbie Can Make

by Samantha McClelland

The DIY Blanket Ladder Even a Tool Newbie Can Make

Add a dose of shabby chicness to your home with this stylish storage solution. You can rest a DIY blanket ladder against the wall and use it to drape blankets for a decorative way to store your winter must-haves.


DIY Blanket Ladder Story Image


Instead of hiding your blankets away this winter, store them in style with this DIY blanket ladder. Get creative: You don’t have to stain the wood—try painting it a bright, unexpected color to match your interiors, or dip the base of the ladder in gold to make it stand out instead. The options are endless with this DIY.


DIY Blanket Ladder Materials


Materials: Two 8–foot-long long 13/8 x 1 3/8 -inch boards, eight 2-inch wood screws, wood stain, polyurethane, felt pads, and a hand drill (not pictured)


DIY Blanket Ladder Steps 1-2


1. Cut one 5-foot section of wood from each board, so you have two pieces. From the remaining section of each board, cut two 18-inch pieces of wood, so you have four 18-inch pieces total. These pieces will be the rungs of the ladder.*


*Note: You can ask your local hardware store, like The Home Depot, to make these cuts—it’s a free service.


2. Stain the wood if you like. The staining process can happen before or after you attach the rungs to the side rails. Follow the directions on the stain, and allow 12 to 24 hours for the stain to dry completely.


DIY Blanket Ladder Steps 3-4


3. Apply polyurethane to seal in the ladder’s color—this step is optional depending on how you want the ladder to appear when finished. Allow 12 to 24 hours for the clear gloss to dry completely.


4. Lay out the six pieces of wood on a flat surface and create the outline of the ladder. The rungs on this DIY ladder are 12 inches apart. The lowest rung is 18 inches from the base, which allows extra room if you decide to hang something on the bottom rung. The tallest rung is positioned 6 inches from the top of the ladder.


DIY Blanket Ladder Steps 5-6


5. Using a drill and a bit smaller than the screws, create pilot holes for the 2-inch screws.


6. Screw each rung into the side rails where you created the pilot hole in step 5. and secure the screws using a drill.


Now, how easy was that? One last thing you might want to do: Add felt pads to the back of the ladder to prevent scratches when it’s resting against the wall. Hmm, maybe our next DIY needs to be making blankets to display!