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DIY Coat Rack: Hang Your Hat in Style

Keep your favorite jackets, bags and scarves in one place while showcasing them in style! This DIY coat rack is sure to be the perfect landing spot for your purse, jacket and daily accessories. If you find yourself always searching for keys as you try to walk out the door, this project is for you! (P.S. Check your jacket pocket. I think you left your keys in there.)

DIY Coat Rack

Sometimes getting organized isn't about getting rid of your stuff, but rather about how you display and store what you have. This DIY coat rack cuts clutter in the foyer while looking good. Make your own with these easy steps.

DIY Coat Rack


  • Four 5-foot rectangular dowels
  • Painter's tape
  • Spray paint
  • Colored twine

DIY Coat Rack

1. We bought 5-foot dowels, but you can customize this project and choose the length that is most fitting for what you want to hang. Wrap painter's tape at some distance from the base of the dowel, leaving as much room for paint as you like. (We used one foot from the base.)

DIY Coat Rack

2. Spray-paint the base of each dowel. We selected a bright lilac to pop against our bright blue wall. Spray-paint the front and sides of the base of the four dowels and let them dry for 20 minutes. Once they are completely dry, flip them over and paint the back side of the bases; let them dry for 20 minutes.

DIY Coat Rack

3. Assemble the dowels so that the bottom of each dowel rests on the floor. Once you find the right arrangement and placement—which should resemble a teepee without the cover—begin wrapping twine where the dowels meet, about 1 foot from the top of your coat rack. You can run the twine between each dowel and wrap it to further secure it and make sure that the dowels stay in place. Once you have wrapped the dowels and it is sturdy enough to stand on its own, tie a final knot to keep it in place.

Here's a Pin-able version with all the steps. Now you're ready to hang and display your favorite jackets and hats on your coat rack!

DIY Coat Rack

For more DIY ideas, go to StyleEsque.


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