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This DIY Date Jar Is The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

by admin

This DIY Date Jar Is The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Tired of the old "dinner and a movie" date night standby? Fill this DIY date jar with activities you and your significant other can use to keep your dating life interesting. You can even come up with ideas together!

It doesn't take very long into a relationship for "dinner and a movie" to get boring. Don't get me wrong, I love a good restaurant-cooked meal and that overpriced movie theater candy—but it is way too easy to fall into a total rut for date nights.

This year I'm trying to keep it fresh by filling a DIY date jar with 10 creative date ideas. Whenever we don't know what to do, we just pull an idea out of the jar at random and go adventuring.

Date Jar

You can recreate this DIY date jar for you and your main squeeze with just a few supplies!

What You'll Need:

  • obviously, a jar (I found this adorable heart jar at Target in the dollar section!)
  • card stock or other colored paper
  • a nice pen

Then, just grab a jar, write your ideas down on slips of paper, and stick 'em in there. Good to go. You can use different colored paper for different date categories (for example, "free," "cheap," "go out," "stay in.") If you can't find a jar with a heart on it, or prefer to use one you already have, try cutting a heart out of patterned contact paper and affixing it to your jar.

Writing Date Ideas

And now for ten date ideas for you and your significant other that aren't dinner and a movie:

  1. Recreate your first date
  2. Pick a random neighborhood in your city and go explore
  3. Play truth or dare
  4. Take a class or workshop together
  5. Visit a museum you've never been to
  6. Build a blanket fort and spend the whole evening under there (a good place to play truth or dare)
  7. Spend a day in the park—with water guns
  8. Try cooking a new recipe together
  9. Pack snacks, drinks, and a blanket, and go star-gazing
  10. Take a bubble bath together (No bathtub? Try a steamy shower with essential oils sprinkled around the shower floor)

Date Ideas for Valentines Day

Most importantly—turn your devices off for your dates! Background music is okay, but no checking social media or updating your latest game.

Will you make a DIY date jar for Valentine's Day this year? What other dating ideas can you think of?