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DIY Home Decor: Make Your Own Geometric Paperweight

by Samantha McClelland

DIY Home Decor: Make Your Own Geometric Paperweight

Just when we thought we didn’t have any use for paperweights, this adorable DIY home decor project came along. These little paperweights are perfect for adding dimension to your office or bookshelf. Plus, they’re the easiest project you’ll ever do: just mold, bake, and decorate!




Gold accessories may be a mainstay in office decor this season, but these geometric clay paperweights are the perfect contrast. They’re clean, modern, and totally customizable. Make this DIY home decor project all your own by painting each side a different color, or keep it monochromatic in any color of your choosing. I chose to leave mine unpainted. Not interested in a paperweight? Make a name card or a business card holder from a smaller shape with a slit or indentation in it. Cut a circle in the top and make a small candle holder, or go bigger and make a geometric vase! The possibilities are endless.




Materials: polymer clay; razor, sharp knife or plastic clay tools




1. Remove clay from packaging. Knead it with your hands for five minutes until it’s soft and pliable. Roll the clay into a ball with your hands.


2. Using a clay knife, sharp knife, or razor, cut off various slices from the clay shape. Use firm pressure when shaping edges. Sawing through the clay will leave you with uneven edges. Continue cutting until you’re satisfied with the shape. Tip: If you don’t like the shape, simply knead the clay back together and start over.




3. Following the package instructions, bake the paperweights. This particular brand called for 15 minutes at 275 degrees for every ¼ inch of clay. I baked mine for roughly an hour.


4. Let the clay cool, and decorate your new paperweights as you like!


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