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DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Holder

Showcase your favorite rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more on your very own plaster hand jewelry holder. We'll show you how to make your own!

DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Display

This piece is perfect for holding bracelets and rings on your dresser! While the ingredients look like something out of an episode of Breaking Bad, rest assured that the end result is pure art. This modern jewelry holder will be a delightful addition to your dresser's styling needs.

Note: This project can get messy, so we recommend covering your work surface. If plaster gets on your skin, it easily washes off with warm water and soap.

DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Display


  • Rubber glove (small)
  • Holding container
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Spatula
  • Disposable plastic container
  • Measuring cup
  • Water

DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Display

1. Fold the edges of the rubber glove over the top of your holding container at least 3 inches and secure. We used a Stacking Mug Holder from World Market, but a 1/2-gallon Mason jar with removable lid would work as well.

DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Display

2. Mix the plaster of Paris using a spatula in a disposable plastic container. Most directions call for mixing a 1:1 ratio of water to plaster of Paris. I found adding a cup of plaster of Paris and adding a half of cup of water allowed for a better consistency. You do not want the plaster of Paris to be watery; it should be smooth with no big chunks of dry plaster. Add water a little at a time, remembering that you can always add more water but can't remove excess water.

DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Display

3. Once the desired consistency of the plaster of Paris is achieved, scoop it into the rubber glove until the glove is filled to the wrist. Make sure that where the edge of the plaster of Paris meets the wrist is a flat surface (this will be the base of your plaster hand). Gently shake the mold to remove trapped air bubbles. Also, manipulate the fingers to ensure the plaster has reached the edge of the fingertips.

DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Display

4. The plaster mold will begin to dry within 15 minutes of pouring; however, you will need to allow 24 to 48 hours for the hand to dry completely. This project calls for patience! To remove the glove, gently pull it back. You might need a crafts knife or scissors to completely remove the glove from the mold. The hand will be fragile so be careful around the fingers. Once removed, buff or sand any rough spots. We kept our plaster hand white, but feel free to add designs or paint the plaster hand another bright and eye-catching color!

Here's a Pin-able version with all the steps and a finished image.

Step-by-Step DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Display

For more DIY projects, go to StyleEsque.


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