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Easy Apartment Decorating: 8 Items to Mix and Match for Different Seasons

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Easy Apartment Decorating: 8 Items to Mix and Match for Different Seasons

Changing your interior design with the seasons can be a tricky, time-consuming task. Some people seem to have endless hours and dollars to switch up their space every time the wind blows (or freezes, or humidifies, or whatever). I am not one of those people, and if you aren’t either, go ahead and check our cheat-sheet for easy, cheap apartment redecorating. Picking a few pieces to mix and match as the seasons change can make you look like you’ve got your act together, even if you only have the time to switch out a throw pillow.

Choosing Items
Pick five to 10 items that can be easily switched out, stored in your apartment, and will span more than one season. The secret to decorating for all seasons is using colors that are found in nature. For example, blue and white are natural colors found year round (the sky), and wooden accents work all year long as well (trees). Adding in some other seasonal colors—such as the bright floral hues of summer—will help your look stay fresh and keep you from getting bored with your living room decor. If you're looking for cheap, easy decorating ideas, check out the ways we mixed the eight pieces below.

Decorating for spring requires fitting the mood for a wide variety of weather. The natural-fiber mirror and light throw pillow won't look out of place when the snow is still melting, but the colorful rug and bright bubble vase will keep your spirits up on rainy days and help you segue into summer. 

When things really start to heat up, switch out your rug and pillow for warmer-hued accessorries. The bold colors will mimic the sights of summer and give your space a burst of energy. Use the sandy-colored mirror frame as a neutral base, and add pops of color from the same family to the rest of your room: Hot pink, warm yellow, and orange are a great example of contrasting colors that work well together.
As soon as the leaves start to change, so should your decor. Decorating for fall will be a snap by switching out your mirror and vase for darker wood accessories. The wooden mirror and earthy vase blend well with the warm-toned throw pillow and rug to create a cozy space inspired by the colors of fall. 

Snowy days call for interior design as cool as the season. Keep your dark wood mirror and earthenware vase, but switch your rug and pillow again. The soft, bright white and blue tones will remind you of the icicles outside—with the comfort of being inside.