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Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Get the family together and spend the day making your very own Christmas ornaments. Not only will the kids love it, but you'll also have keepsakes for years to come.

As you hear Santa sliding down the chimney, a wave of panic sets in. You forgot to decorate the tree with impressive ornaments. He’s not going to leave any gifts. Your whole family will be present-less. Fear not! There are super easy and quick homemade Christmas ornaments kids can make. So, it doesn’t matter how far away or close Christmas is; you have plenty of time to make this Christmas tree the best one ever.

Deck the tree this year with homemade Christmas ornaments made by the precious little ones in your life. Take Christmas back to what it should be: a family holiday. Not a Hallmark holiday. No longer do you need to have store-bought Christmas decorations (except for the lights — unless your child is an engineer in the making). Instead, as a family, craft for the holiday using your hands and your heart.

Simple Kids’ Crafts

One of my favorite crafts is the Five Finger Snowman Ornament. It’s so incredibly simple, but it looks awesome. Hoping he gets stuck for a bit, you could totally finish this ornament before Santa emerges from the fireplace. I love that it’s easy, but it’s such a long-term keepsake. Anything with reminders of how little they once were are sure to make it past the numerous charity donations and garage sales.

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Recycled Materials Crafts: Joy to the World

I’m loving on the Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments over at What I Live For. I think they’re a great way to recycle something that you would have just thrown away into a fun adornment for your tree. Recycled crafts mean more money in your pocket, and therefore, more smiles on your face. Maybe it’s just me, but I think repurposed crafts are totally clever, and sometimes they give me a good chuckle. I laugh knowing that not too long ago, someone finished a toilet paper roll, and probably sat there in a bit of a pickle. That same trouble-maker is now a cute little reindeer on the Christmas tree.

More Recycled Materials Ornaments:
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Glittery Ornament Crafts for Kids

It’s Christmas. And kids love sparkles. Let them glitz the place up with homemade Christmas ornaments even if glitter isn’t your favorite. These ornaments are really pretty and look store-bought, so you may not despise the glitter after all. Everyone needs a little glam in their lives anyhow. Muffin Tin Mom is sparking like a star, and you and your kids should too by crafting Recycled Glitter Star Ornaments. You and your munchkins deserve to feel fabulous during Christmas!

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What’s your favorite homemade ornament on your Christmas Tree?