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Five Easy Floral Centerpieces

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Five Easy Floral Centerpieces

In need of a new centerpiece? We've got you covered.

A year ago, I’d never thought about centerpieces in my life. But now, in the midst of planning an August wedding, I’ve got centerpieces on the brain. So I got some of them off the brain and on the table. The results are these simple, inexpensive, and crafty creations that can pep up a Memorial Day picnic or end-of-school celebration, add pizzazz to a dinner party, or prettify a bridal or baby shower.

Can It #1
Tools and materials:

  • Aluminum can with wrapper removed
  • Origami or other decorative paper, or fabric
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Double-sided tape or glue gun

Remove the label from the can and wrap it with the decorative paper or fabric, using double-sided tape or glue gun to fix in place. Tie ribbon or twine around the center in a bow. Fill with flowers.

Can It #2
Tools and materials:

  • Soda can, food can with wrapper intact, tea tin, coffee tin … whatever
  • Sharp scissors and/or can opener

Buy a can of soda, tea, coffee, or veggies with a design you like. Cut off the tops of the cans with tool-grade scissors or a can opener. For soda cans, snip vertically down a bit and carefully fold over the edges. Fill with water and your floral arrangement.

Float Me Some Dough
Tools and materials:

  • Metal bread pan
  • Wide ribbon (at least one inch wide; 1/2 should be plenty of length)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors

This is a floating centerpiece. Tie the ribbon around the bread pan and tape in place. Fill pan with water. Float petals and flowers in the pan. Alternative: Throw some rocks in a glass bowl (uh, I mean place them in the bowl), fill with water, and float your flowers.

Getting Schooled
Tools and materials:

  • Raffia or ribbon in a contrasting color
  • Yellow #2 pencils (other ideas: twigs, chopsticks, sushi-roll mat that’s been cut down, crayons—whatever works with your theme)
  • Floral foam
  • Utility knife, or basically any sharp knife
  • Plastic wrap or plastic bag
  • Double-sided tape
  • Packing or duct tape

Cut the floral foam to desired shape and size. (I used about 3" square.) Cut or sharpen the pencils to 1/2" taller than the foam. (Tip: For a clean cut, hold the pencil flat against a cutting board and roll, pressing the blade into the pencil. After you’ve scored the pencil well on all sides, break the pencil at the score.) Soak the floral foam completely, then surround all but top of foam with plastic, and secure with packing or duct tape. Surround with double-sided tape. Line the foam with pencils, standing vertically (if sharpened, with sharpened side up). Tie with raffia or ribbon. Add floral arrangement.

Berry Chic

  • Whole cranberries, cherries, or other hard berry or small fruit (I used physalis berries and cherries)
  • Mason jar or mayo jar with label removed
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Fill the mason jar with your fruit. Add water. Arrange your flowers—the fruit will keep the stems in place. If they’re moving around too much, add more fruit and less water or stick the stems into a tiny piece of floral foam and hide with the fruit. Tie ribbon around the top of the jar.

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