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How to Create a Winter Holiday Home

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How to Create a Winter Holiday Home

Many of us not only procrastinate with our holiday shopping, but also with our holiday décor. With Christmas only a few days away, follow these quick steps to getting your house ready for the holidays.

Tree Trimming: if you’re short on time, then throw a casual holiday hot cocoa and cake party and have each of your friends pick up one ornament to decorate the tree with when they enter the house. If you don’t have time for a larger tree, then try a mixture of sparsely different sized faux trees.

Floral Displays: Nothing says the holidays like wreathes and poinsettias. Thankfully, they’re not too expensive either. But a few dozen and disperse them around your home, hanging wreathes on doorways and windows, and using poinsettias as quick centerpieces.

Accents: The list of quick accents is endless:

  • Pine Cones: If you’re lucky enough to be around pine cones, whether it’s in the yard or the local park, make uses of them by collecting and arranging them as a décor item in a flat bowl or large vase.
  • Christmas balls: Just like pine cones, set up ornaments in a bowl or large vase.
  • Cranberries: Buy fresh cranberries to fill up glass vases.
  • Chandeliers: Make use of your hanging structures by draping them in Christmas décor such beads, ornaments and plumage.

Wall Hangings: Make use of all the cards you’ve received and hang them off of a very broad strip of ribbon. Then hang the ribbon along doorways, creating wonderful little niches and conversation starters.

Deck the halls: Nothing is as warm and inviting as garlands draped across a door frame, a simple yet stunning décor element. Go one step further and spray them with faux snow and a bit of silver or gold glitter.

And with all your new holiday festivities, keep your family and friends comfortable and save money by updating your programmable thermostat. Thermostat benefits include energy costs, accuracy and even heating/cooling, so that no matter what room your family is in, they’ll be as cozy as Christmas.