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How To DIY A Minimalist Wooden Bead Wreath In 5 Easy Steps

by Kirsten Nunez

How To DIY A Minimalist Wooden Bead Wreath In 5 Easy Steps

Does your space need an upgrade? Make this sweet and simple wreath in just 15 minutes.

Decorating is a lot of fun. After all, everything from the furniture to the art is a representation of who you are. It’s also exactly what makes home feel like, well, home! Unfortunately, buying home decor can get pricey fast. You know how it goes. All it takes is a few trips to IKEA, and you’ve got yourself a cringe-worthy credit card statement.

Wooden Bead Wreath: Final

This is where home decor DIY projects come in. With just a few supplies and a couple bucks, you can make a chic minimalist wreath. It’s a great way to add a touch of coziness to your space. Plus, the design of this piece is so simple that it can mesh with basically any style. You can even add extra elements to make it your own. It’s one step closer to decorating your home on a dime.

Wooden Bead Wreath: Materials


  • Assorted wood beads
  • Faux leaves (any kind)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Jewelry pliers
  • 16-gauge craft wire

You can find wood beads in the wood section of the craft store. While any size works for this project, smaller beads might need thinner wire. If this is the case, use a wire with a higher gauge.

Wooden Bead Wreath: Step 1

1. Using the pliers, create a loop at the end of the wire. It should be least 1/4 inch wide.

Wooden Bead Wreath: Step 2

2. Add wooden beads until you’ve reached your desired wreath size. The beads in this project were added randomly, but you can create a repeating pattern, if you’d like. Next, cut the wire about five inches from the last bead. You can use the cutting portion of the pliers for this.

Wooden Bead Wreath: Step 3

. Insert the end of the wire through the first few beads. Make sure you pull it all the way through; there shouldn’t be a gap near the loop. At this point, you should now have a complete beaded circle.

Wooden Bead Wreath: Step 5

4. Tightly wrap the end in between two beads. Trim away the excess. Using the flat portion of the pliers, squeeze the end of the wire so it doesn’t stick out.

Wooden Bead Wreath: Step 5

5. If your leaves are still connected to the stems, use the cutting portion of the pliers to snip them off. Take some time to play around with placement. Once you’re happy with the position, hot glue three or four leaves to your DIY wreath.