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How to Make a DIY Chandelier in an Hour

by Amanda Risius

How to Make a DIY Chandelier in an Hour

Update your old light fixture with this pretty (and easy!) DIY chandelier. It adds a dose of glam to any room, without any rewiring required.


DIY Chandelier


If you’re in an apartment or starter home, chances are you either don’t have a lot of say in the type of fixtures in your place or you can’t afford to run out and replace them all with pricey, high-style versions. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with boring! I created this easy DIY faux chandelier in about an hour and was able to give a generic light fixture some high-end style without the mess of rewiring. It’s basically a cage that fits right over one of those round semi-flush mounted ceiling fixtures that look like mini spaceships. It makes a much-improved view from below!


DIY Chandelier Materials


Materials: 12-inch-diameter hanging wire plant basket (adjust the basket size if your fixture is smaller or larger), silver spray paint, four 6-foot strings of decorative crystal garland for a total of 24 feet (I found mine at Michaels), three metal hanging hooks


DIY Chandelier Step 1


1. Remove the hanging chains and coconut filler from the plant basket, and spray-paint it silver. While the paint is drying, lay out the garlands so you’re ready to work. Then, take the end of a garland strand, and wrap it around the top edge of the basket, securing it in place.


DIY Chandelier Step 2


2. Using the same garland, weave it through the basket, going over and under the basket wires. If your garland is made of fine wire as mine was, chances are it will tangle easily, so don’t fight it too much and just let it cluster. The goal is to fill the gaps between the basket wires. I found it easier to not worry about weaving it and just let the wires fill the spaces. I worked in sections, going around the basket.


DIY Chandelier Step 3


3. Continue with step 2 until the basket is completely covered with all the garlands, with no gaping holes. The garland wire bends easily so you can tuck pieces away and move them around to fill holes.


DIY Chandelier Step 4


4. Once you’ve finished stringing the garlands, you’re ready to hang your new chandelier. Take three hooks, and attach them to the top rim of the basket. Hook the other ends around the lip of the light fixture.


And there you have it! A quick and easy solution to updating lighting without spending hundreds on a whole new light fixture. Give it a try!


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