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How to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

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How to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

As we’re coming off cold and flu season, your medicine cabinet probably has seen better days. Messy containers, old prescriptions and lingering toothpaste tubes with just a tiny dollop left—yep, we’re all guilty of that scene. We’ve got the perfect strategy to help you organize all those little boxes, tubes, and beauty products for organized days ahead.

  1. First, remove everything from your medicine cabinet and give your shelves a good wipe-down. Then, check the labels and discard any expired prescriptions and beauty products. Remember, old medicine is bad medicine. It’s not worth the risk to keep expired prescriptions on the shelves.
  2. If you live in a small living space or simply have too many products to store, chances are you feel cramped for space in your bathroom. Containers help de-clutter and allow for easy stacking. Remember, medicine cabinets are roughly three-to-four inches deep, so keep this in mind while shopping for the perfect cabinet containers.
  3. To retain the shape of our beloved beauty brushes, store them right-side up in your favorite mugs or jars.
  4. Perfumes come in pretty packaging, so why not show them off? Make room in our medicine cabinet and showcase your perfume bottles in a pretty tray on your sink countertop.
  5. Store larger cosmetics (shampoo bottles, shaving creams, etc.,) underneath the sink for extra room and invest in a large cosmetic train case to organize your cosmetics and beauty supplies. 

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