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Inside the Exclusive Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker Party with Brooke Shields

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Inside the Exclusive Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker Party with Brooke Shields

We caught up with Brooke and heard all about her home, her inspiration and her signature cocktail!

Brooke Shields has landed plenty of magazine covers, but for their annual September Stylemaker Issue Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) readers got a behind-the-scenes look inside the supermodel’s Hamptons home that she decorated on her own.

To celebrate her cover, Brooke stopped by BHG’s Stylemaker Party on Thursday, September 17 at the Hudson Hotel, where 75 select lifestyle bloggers spent the day attending hands-on workshops and panels with BHG editors and contributors. The cover girl toasted the room, and then chatted with us about her passion for interior design, the sources she turns to for inspiration, and her secret cocktail recipe.

DivineCaroline: Over the course of your career, your face has starred on many magazine covers. How does it feel now to have your living room star on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens?

Brooke Shields: My daughters were so funny because when they saw the cover they were like, “Mom this looks so pretty,” and I said “Well thank you,” and they said, “We had no idea it was going to be on the FRONT of the magazine.” So I got validation. It was a big day for me.

DC: How does it feel to be named one of this year’s Better Homes and Gardens Stylemakers?

BS: It is such an honor to be even considered a Stylemaker. I think I’ve spent so many years of my life doing what I’m told to do or wearing what I’m told to wear, and having it be the impetus of somebody else. To have something come from me, it was very physiologically empowering. It’s interesting that it was first via interior design that I felt a freedom, probably because I felt like I had nothing to lose.

DC: You decorated your home 100 percent yourself. What sources do you turn to for inspiration?

BS: Well, Better Homes and Gardens first. I’m always reading magazines and doing tears. I love going to other people’s homes and totally copying them. I’m always taking little tidbits from everything.

DC: Are there any bloggers that you follow?

BS: I’m a little bit behind in the following of the blogs. I feel like I will become so much of an addict that every other part of my life will just go to the wayside. I’ll be that person.

DC: In the September issue of BHG, you admit to keeping a dream house file. Is there anything still on your wish list?

BS: To do it all over again, honestly now that it’s all done. It’s such a thrill to me and there’s a bit of sadness when it’s over – until you do it again. But I’m constantly refining and playing.

DC: You call interior design your secret passion. What is it about the process that you love?

BS: It’s very relaxing to me. When I can’t sleep or if I’m stressed, I decorate rooms in my head. I play them out and see the palette and see the color and the style. I’m a Gemini, so I have so many different types of styles, sometimes it can work eclectically and sometimes it’s harder. I air on the side of clean lines and comfort, but I think that it changes with wherever I am in my life at that time.

DC: Do you have a style icon?

BS: Carine Roitfeld. Everything about her just seems so fabulous. I’ve never seen how she lives, but I’m sure it’s amazing.

DC: We hear you make a mean cocktail. Tell us about your specialty.

BS: I basically copped this cocktail from a friend of mine. It’s cucumber vodka, and then I muddle limes, put in a bit of seltzer water and a splash of agave.

We’ll drink to that! To learn more about Brooke and see her full house tour, visit BHG.com or pick up the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens