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Make It: DIY Jewelry Holder for $10

by Amanda Risius

Make It: DIY Jewelry Holder for $10

We all have a messy vanity that’s covered in last night’s earrings and a week’s worth of necklaces. Keeping jewelry organized is a struggle, especially if you’re like me and want to keep everything visible. I love this simple DIY jewelry holder that stores your bracelet and necklace collections but still keeps them in sight. Read on to learn how to make one yourself!



Make this DIY jewelry holder to keep your bracelets and watches organized. My how-to doesn’t call for spray paint—I tend to like the minimalist, natural-wood look—but you certainly could give it color if you prefer. Note: Necklaces, especially those chunky statement necklaces we all love, can easily tip the jewelry holder if the weight isn’t distributed evenly.


Materials: 1/2-inch-diameter wooden dowel at least 28 inches long, 1/2-inch-diameter copper connector, block of wood (mine measures 3.5×3.5 inches and is actually trim found in the carpentry section of Home Depot), sandpaper, craft or wood glue, a long nail, a hammer, a drill



1. Cut the dowel so you have two pieces 10 inches long and one piece that is 8 inches long. You can adjust the length of the dowels depending on your preference. Have it cut at Home Depot, as I did, if like me you don’t have access to a saw. Measure and mark the center of the block of wood. This will be your guide when drilling the hole. Then drill a hole that is slightly smaller than the diameter of your nail.


2. Pound the nail in the hole you just drilled but coming from the bottom of your block. Pound the nail so that it’s sticking out only about a quarter of an inch.



3. Next, drop some glue on the end of your 8-inch length of dowel, and place it on top of your block of wood, sticking it into the nail. This creates a strong base for your jewelry holder. Hold the dowel in place, and continue pounding the rest of the nail from the bottom. For this part, it may be advisable to have an extra set of hands to hold the dowel in place while you pound in the nail. Keep pounding in the nail as straight as possible until the head is flush against the bottom of your block of wood.


4. While you wait for the base to set, glue in the 10-inch dowels on both sides of the copper connector. I used a pen to prop up the dowels on both sides so they dried straight.


DIY Jewelry Holder


5. Connect the base to the arms using glue. If one arm tends to hang lower, place a bracelet on the opposite end while it dries to even out the weight.


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