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Make Your Own Boho DIY Wall Art

by Samantha McClelland

Make Your Own Boho DIY Wall Art

Embrace the latest home decor trend by adding texture, color, and interest to your walls with this simple, boho-chic DIY wall art.


DIY Wall Art


The latest trends in home decor call for texture, texture, and more texture! This DIY wall art is the perfect way to get on the boho bandwagon in a very affordable and easy way. It should take you less than 30 minutes to create, and you can customize and experiment to make it your own! Feel free to adjust the length of the strands, the color of the paint, and the placement of the braids. If you like, you can even add a couple wooden beads or feathers to the ends of the strings.


DIY Wall Art: Materials


Materials: thick string, yarn, or twine; 12-inch wooden dowel; spray paint in the color(s) of your choice; and scissors.


DIY Wall Art: Steps 1-2


1. Cut equal strips of string to a desired length using scissors. Make sure to cut a few inches longer than desired because you will lose some length when you fold the yarn over the wooden dowel. I needed 45 to 60 strips to cover the entire length of the dowel, and I cut the strips at 36 to 48 inches long.


2. To secure the strands to the wooden dowel, fold each piece of string in half, forming a loop at the top.


DIY Wall Art: Steps 3-4


3. Fold the loop over the wooden dowel.


4. Pull the ends of the string through the loop, and tighten them against the dowel.


DIY Wall Art: Steps 5-6


5. Continue knotting strings across the entire length of the dowel.


6. Cut another piece of string, and tie it on both ends of the dowel. This will be your hanger. If you are using yarn for your project, you may want to use a sturdier piece of string or rope to make sure the hanger can handle the weight of the piece when hung.


DIY Wall Art: Steps 7-8


7. Add random braids or twists throughout the strands to create added texture.


8. Spray-paint the bottom portion of the strings, and let it dry for 24 hours. For this step, you can try using different shades of a color to create an ombr√© effect or you can incorporate different colors of yarn. After 24 hours of drying, you will likely have to separate the strands so they won’t stick together. Finally, trim the ends to the same length if you like a uniformed look. Or you can also cut the ends into a “V” or an inverted “V” shape. To customize it even further, add extra details like wooden beads or feathers.


Finally, grab a hammer and a nail to hang your newly crafted DIY wall art and invite some friends over to show it off!


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