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Make Your Own: Honeycomb DIY Wall Clock

by Samantha McClelland

Make Your Own: Honeycomb DIY Wall Clock

You’re late, you’re late, for a very important date! If you are always running a few minutes behind, it’s time to craft yourself a solution with this DIY wall clock!


Wall Clock


If you are like most millennials and you rely solely on your iPhone to tell time, this DIY wall clock is your new best friend. With minimal effort, you’ll have a clock to help you be on time when your phone dies, and it will look stylish and chic in your home. If stencils aren’t your thing, try using painters tape and different-colored acrylic paints to craft up your own unique design!


Wall Clock: Materials


Materials: Untreated clock base, clock set (torque and hands), wood stain, acrylic paint, foam brush


Wall Clock: Steps 1-2


1. Apply stain with clean foam brush or a soft cloth. For deeper, richer color, apply stain in the direction of the grain. Let dry for one hour; then repeat. Continue this process until the shade you want is achieved. Let air-dry.


2. Apply stencil, and secure with painters tape. It’s best to press the stencil flat for 24 hours prior to using it: to do so, place it under a heavy, flat object.


Wall Clock: Steps 3-4


3. Using a foam brush, paint over the stencil with light, even coats. Try to keep the paint brush perpendicular to the wood. If the brush is at an angle, the paint might get under the stencil. Wait 15 to 30 minutes, and remove stencil. Use a small flat brush to touch up if needed.


4. To add the clock set, follow the instructions on the package. This particular set required one AA battery. Then, according to instructions, add each moving component one at a time until the dial is aligned properly with the clock bank. Affix the clock hands to the shaft. Rotate the time-set dial on the back of the clock bank to the correct time.


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