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Make Your Own: Painted Air Plant Bell Cups

by Samantha McClelland

Make Your Own: Painted Air Plant Bell Cups

So, maybe your green thumb is a little out of practice after a long winter. Don’t worry; we have just the thing to dust off your skills. Air plants! They’re inexpensive, small, and oh-so-easy to take care of. Plus, they look adorable in these DIY painted bell cups. Spruce up your home with this simple project; it makes the perfect centerpiece or hostess gift.


Air Plant Holders


These DIY painted bell cups will help you welcome warmer weather, April showers, and May flowers with open arms! Plus, they’re so easy to care for. Hang the cups from the ceiling or a window frame with fishing line, or simply set them on a flat surface like your desk or a table—anywhere with bright but indirect light. If painting isn’t your thing, create an ombre effect by dipping the cups into a Kool-aid mix.


Air Plant Holders: Ingredients


Materials: dry cloth or paper towel, natural bell cups, craft paint or Kool-Aid, an artist’s brush, painter’s tape, small air plants


Air Plant Holders: Step 1


1. Wipe down the cups with a dry cloth or paper towel to remove any debris. If your bell cups are on sticks, remove them from the bottom. Place the painter’s tape around the cup in various positions or make them alike. I chose to switch it up a little, painting the bottom half of one and on a diagonal for another. But you can try painting horizontal stripes, just one side, or anything really. Whatever you choose, be sure to smooth the edges of the tape to ensure no paint seeps underneath the adhesive. Finally, paint the uncovered portions of the cups.


Air Plant Holders: Step 2


2. For one or two of the cups, try painting a contrasting color on the rim of the cup. Set the cup aside for a few minutes to dry; the paint will dry quickly (within 5-10 minutes).


Air Plant Holders: Step 3


3. Once the bell cups are dry, remove the painter’s tape carefully. If you want to hang your cups, make 3 to 4 small holes near the rim of the cup and threat with fishing line. Finally, put the air plants inside the cups and you’re ready to decorate!


So you bought air plants, now what? Relax; they’re very low-maintenance. Air plants need some moisture but not too much; mist them every few days using a spray bottle. You’ll need to remove them from the cups when you water them and let them completely dry before putting them back in. And remember, these little guys love bright but indirect light. It’s that easy!