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Not So Everyday Garage Sales

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Not So Everyday Garage Sales

You'll have a better chance of getting rid of your junk if you try some of these ideas.

Summer is right around the corner and garage sale season is about to begin. With the economy in the dumps, many people are trying to get a little spare cash from their unwanted items instead of just donating them. The pro garage-salers know which ones they want to stop for at first glance, and if yours isn’t it, they will just roll on by. Here are five ideas of making your garage sale unique and turning a better profit, or some better barters.

1. Block Party Garage Sale (or Swap Meet)
Is it time to start planning the annual block party? Why not kick off the event with a neighborhood garage sale? Split the advertisement in the paper with all the participants and it will cost you next to nothing. Plus it will trump the multiple family or moving sale listings. Be sure to include signs or balloons on all participating homes to ensure the shoppers stick around. Perhaps you don’t want the whole public showing up, host a swap meet with your neighbors and let the bartering begin.
2. Themed Event
Has it been forever since your kids were babies? Did your husband and all of his cousins used to play hockey and have since given it up? Do you have boxes and drawers full of craft supplies or projects that you will never use or complete? Host a themed event garage sale to promote to a narrow group of shoppers. Be creative with decorations and “events.” For example, you may want to offer some open area babysitting for children while there mom’s browse through your baby clothes.

3. Demonstration/Free Give-Away
Do you have too many flower pots and garden supplies to store anymore? Do you have too many tomato plants tangled in a bunch? Put the two together. Carefully separate your tomato plants and sell them along with the pots. Or offer them free for purchase. Have you finally got your kitchen cleaned and have pans and dishes galore. Host a mini-bake show or cooking demonstration, or just offer some free recipes to go with the kitchen ware.

4. Donation Drive
Partnering with your favorite charity gives your sale more advertising and gives to a good cause. You may promote, and ask them to promote, that a particular portion of your sales will be donated to their cause. You may host a food drive and give those donating a discount “coupon.” Or you can always just have a collection for your cause at your sale for those wanting to donate.

Being creative is the key to being noticed. This is especially true for garage sales, and you will find that with a little brainstorming and preparation, you may only have to have one this summer to sell all your junk!