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Pre-Order These Amazon Alexa Devices That Will Change Your Life

by Jin Moon

Pre-Order These Amazon Alexa Devices That Will Change Your Life
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As we look to a more technological future, it’s fun to test out and integrate the latest voice-controlled devices into our homes. Let’s face it — these are essentially toys for adults. And we anticipate these goodies will dominate the holiday wish lists this year as more people adopt and feel more comfortable with the technology. 


They’ve already been exceeding expectations with astonishingly intelligent TV products. The Toshiba 4K Ultra HD Fire TV Edition has Alexa built in so you don’t have to type TV or movie titles. You can just ask Alexa to search for a title, and it will automatically tell you which installed app has the title. 


If you already have an old smart TV that frustratingly lacks modern updates, affordably upgrade it by installing the Fire TV Stick 4K, which comes with an Alexa remote. The same voice-control technology is also built into the Anker Nebula Soundbar and the Fire TV Cube, which are also predicted to be best sellers this year.


And with the holidays coming up, Amazon is expanding its Alexa line with a slew of new products that are guaranteed to enhance your home life and beyond. Pre-order these products below now, or add them to your Amazon wish list!



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Echo Buds


Are you seeking the perfect alternative to AirPods? Look no further. It’s all about Echo Buds this year. Echo Buds have Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology that amazingly cuts out a lot of external noise, which you can manually control via an app. We especially love its sealed in-ear design so you don’t have to worry about it falling out of your ears on the go.

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Available October 30

Echo Loop


Are you the type to need information at your fingertips at all times? Us, too. And now we really want that special invitation to buy an Echo Loop. It’s a chic black titanium ring with a button that summons Alexa. Ask a question into the palm of your hand, and then raise your hand to your ear to hear Alexa’s answer. It’s stylish and so futuristic!

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Available By Invitation

Echo Studio


The most amazing aspect of Echo Studio is its high-quality, immersive sound. It’s the first smart speaker to offer a three-dimensional audio experience with five built-in directional speakers. With Dolby Atmos and Sony’s 360 Reality Audio incorporated, you can stream your favorite music in the best sound ever. Go ahead, and transform your living room into a dance club on command. Go ahead, and subscribe to Amazon Music HD to experience the 360 sound!

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Available November 7

Echo Show 8


Just in time for homemade meals for Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas and more, the Echo Show will change the way you cook in the kitchen. With its amazing Food Network partnership, you can stream videos or sign up for interactive, real-time cooking classes with Iron Chefs like Alex Guarnaschelli. Pretty surreal, right?

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Available Nov 21

Samuel L. Jackson Voice for Alexa


Breaking new ground, Amazon will expand to include celebrity voice control options for Alexa. Yup, we can’t wait for this upgrade: Actor Samuel L. Jackson will be the first celeb voice to be released later this year with more star voices to come in 2020. It will cost less than a dollar, and you can choose between the naughty or nice version of Jackson. Guess which one we’re choosing?