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Six Easy Spring Decorating Ideas

by admin

Six Easy Spring Decorating Ideas

You’ll be amazed at how different your house can be when you color outside the lines.

Now that Spring has sprung, people everywhere will scurry about looking for ways to brighten up their homes. Luckily you’ve scurried over to Chic Galleria, where I’ve assembled six fail proof tips to get that fresh spring look you’re after, without spending a lot of time or money!

1. Let the Light In
Every winter we bury down in our homes, layer the drapes, and close the windows. Spring is the perfect time to take down those heavy curtains, and replace them with sheers or bamboo tortoise shell roman shades.

2. Breath Some Life into It
Add life in your rooms with flowers and plants. Flowers are arriving at home centers, florists, and even grocery stores everywhere in droves, as the winter greenhouses ship out their big spring batch. Arrange your own flowers and save hundreds: Find small containers and cut the stems short, and always buy twice as many as you think you’ll need. A full low arrangement can add color, spice, and life to any area of your home!

3. Paint
Get out the brush and touch up those scuffed spots left from Christmas Tree boughs, and Uncle John’s electric scooter during this year’s New Years Eve Bash. Don’t forget the baseboard, moldings, and crown, too!

4. Exchange, Please
In my house, I have a closet filled with pillow covers, throws, and slips (slipcovers) for almost every mood. Spring is a great time to switch out those dark red velvets, with light linens and cashmeres, and slipcover those dining room chairs! Take the opportunity now to change out the dark and cozy, for the light and comfy! You’ll love the difference it makes!

5. Take a Trip
Need a tip on what’s popular this year? Take a trip to your local home design center, clothing store, or mall! Spring is alive and well this year, and you’ll see the colors of spring: vibrant sun shades—yellow, tangerine, and red mixed with beautiful cools: aqua and linen.

6. Switch It Up
My biggest tip for someone looking for a complete overhaul this spring: SWITCH IT UP! Move your dining room into your living room, and visa versa! You’re friends will wonder where you bought all the great new furniture, and you’ll feel like you've got brand new rooms. You don't need money to revamp your house, you just need a creative mind!

By Artie Vanderpool