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String DIY Wall Art That’s Perfect for Decking Your Halls

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String DIY Wall Art That’s Perfect for Decking Your Halls

Recreate your own holiday-themed DIY wall art with this simple string project. It's perfect to spruce up any entryway or mantel!

DIY Holiday String Art Finale

As a new home owner, I can tell you that adorning your walls is often the last thing to cross off your list. Whether you're a fan of gallery walls or statement art pieces, I suggest trying out this DIY wall art project. This string art offers endless possibilities and is simple to execute, no matter what your budget is. Our version of string DIY wall art is such a perfect addition to your holiday decor, you could even create a new piece for every season. Try recreating this using your favorite sayings or song lyrics!

DIY Holiday String Art

To start, you will need a wood pallet plaque, a pencil, stencils, flat-head brass nails, a hammer, embroidery floss or yarn in red and green, and scissors (not shown).

DIY Holiday String Art Step 1

1. Print out a pattern to trace, or use a stencil or wooden letter blocks to create your pattern. Lightly trace the pattern onto the wooden pallet.

DIY Holiday String Art Step 2

2. Using a hammer and flat-head nails, start placing nails at the angle points and fill in along the lines as needed. (Do not use finishing nails—flat-head nails are needed to prevent the string from slipping off the nails.)

DIY Holiday String Art Step 3-4

3. Take one end of the floss, and tie it in a knot around one of the outside nails; trim the tail.

4. Begin outlining the letter to create an edge; this will help the letter stand out against the wood grain. After wrapping the yarn around the outside of the block letter, begin crisscrossing through the middle of the letter to multiple nails until you get the effect you want. Trim the string, and tie it off with a knot; cut off the excess string. Pro Tip: Make sure the nails are secure. If the wrapping is very tight, the nails may become loose, which will cause you to have to restring the letter.

DIY Holiday String Art Step 5

5. Repeat Step 4 on the other nail letters. Try mixing and matching the strings to make your word pop!

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