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Take Your Holiday Gifts To The Next Level With These Awesome Wrapping Ideas

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Take Your Holiday Gifts To The Next Level With These Awesome Wrapping Ideas

Forget generic wrapping paper for your gifts. Instead, grab your scissors, scraps and Mod Podge—it's time to *sleigh* this holiday wrapping game.


Wrapping Paper Gift Bag



Jody from Homey Home Design came up with this genius way to turn wrapping paper into gift bags. So whether you want to save some cash or need to wrap some awkward-sized gifts, check out this tutorial.


Fabric Bundles



Cover your presents with fabric for an eco-friendly gift-wrapping method. And head over to Nancy’s Sewing Basket more creative ways to use fabric this holiday season.


Toilet Paper Roll Boxes



The full tutorial on Create Craft Love will show you just how to make these adorable gift boxes with empty toilet paper rolls, which are perfect for smaller items like gift cards or jewelry.


Paper Boxes



Rachel from Lines Across also knows a thing or two about wrapping small gifts. So if you’ve got a pair of earrings or other tiny objects, try your hand at these crafty, colorful pyramid boxes.


For the Traveler



Christina, The DIY Mommy, shares how to transform maps into wrapping paper—excellent if any frequent travelers found their way on your list.


Reuse Newspaper



Recycle your newspapers like Heather from The Sewing Loft. You can also use the Sunday funnies to bring laughter while recycling. Double win.


Decorative Pringles Can



Karen, the blogger of Sew Many Ways used leftover juice containers, but if you’re like us and can’t say no to Sour Cream and Onion goodness, you can use your Pringles cans too. So grab your colored paper and ribbons and get decorating these excellent cookie gift tubes.


Scrapbook Paper Gift Bag



Collecting scrapbook paper comes naturally to crafters, and Rachel from Lines Across knows how to use those spare pieces to assemble stylish gift bags. Follow her step-by-step guide to make them for your friends and family.


Game Time!



Give your loved ones some fun this holiday season with word find wrapping paper. Jen from Something Turquoise used hers to address the presents, but you could also leave receiver special messages to tell them what they mean to you.


Picture Perfect



No directions required simply print photos of each person like Alea from Premeditated Leftovers. Bonus points for coordinated gold paper.


Takeout Box



Let them know how fortunate you feel to have them in your life like Tammy at the Pink Peppermint Design did with these festive takeout gift boxes.


For Him



Jessie, the founder of Lily Shop, came up with a brilliant way to replace bows on her packages. For the men in your life, follow her lead and use ties or suspenders to decorate with. Not only is it chic, but it’s a great way to give a little extra for your dad, brother, significant other, uncle, friend or cousin.


Chalk it Up



Naturally, actual chalk would get too messy, but thanks to Bonnie from Going Home to Roost to can replicate the look with black paper and white paint markers. Both of which you can find at your local craft store.


Make it Cozy



Emily and Sarah are two creative sisters who work together on their blog, Boxwood Clippings. For this holiday wrapping they found an old sweater and simply cut the arms into strips. You could also go thrifting if you don’t want to cut any of your knits. Either way, it’s a cozy way to give your gifts.


Golden Feathers



We love anything turquoise and gold, the colors go together so nicely, which is why we are obsessing over this idea from Lia Griffith. She uses different shades of blue paper and a gold leaf pen, but you can do any color combo. Ideas: red/green (for a traditional look), silver and gold (for elegance) or give each receiver one based on their favorite colors (for a personal touch).


Spray Paint and Stamps



Hannah over on Lovely Little Life has a knack for transforming not-so-attractive items into glamorous pieces of art, like these brown packages. And with this spray paint and stamps tutorial, you can dress up your gifts too.


Dress the Bottle



If there’s one item that’s near impossible to wrap, it’s bottles. But don’t fear, Susan at Oh My! Creative put together this simple tutorial so you can feel free to give all the wine, Bailey’s or liquor you want.


Paper Envelopes



Claire from Pillar Box Blue uses these envelopes to create an adorable advent calendar, but you can use this DIY for your holiday gifts too. They fit smaller items like jewelry, candy or gift cards, so what are you waiting for, get folding!


For the Girly Girl



This design by Allie from Miss Lovie combines a few of our favorite things: packages tied up with string, lace, and glitter. So head over to your local craft store or use lace scraps you already have, whip out your Mod Podge and just add glitter. You can paint words, patterns, prints—whatever your inner diva desires. Just be sure to do it over some newspaper for easy clean up.


Themed Mason Jars



Jen over at Something Turquoise wows us again with her craftiness. You can easily use mason jars to wrap your presents. Whether it’s candy, a themed idea like a spa day, or just something small, follow her guide so you can also add a sweet surprise on top for all your loved ones.